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  1. hey if you want more power you could always trade it in for a 450r , i got one for sale too!
  2. i don't know about the mega bomb, but i have a powerbomb on my crf450r, and it definately made a big difference over stock, especially top end.
  3. Anyone?
  4. anyone have any supermoto wheels for sale cheap? i'm setting my 450r up for supermoto over the winter for next season and of course i'm on a budget, as it is pretty expensive, so if anyone has any for sale please let me know, thanks. and o yea i would also be willing to trade my mx wheels if someone was wanting to go the other way around.
  5. you've got a 45t rear? you should definately be way faster than 65 mph then.
  6. yea, i thought it seemed a little fast myself(though it did feel like i was going that fast), i'll check it with something else
  7. hey, i took my 04' 450r out today and raced my buddy on his 600 ninja for the fun of it, of course i knew i wasn't going to win i was just curious to find out what i topped out at. i couldn't believe it! i had a 52t rear and a 13t front sprockets on it for acceleration and i did 90mph! the only thing i've got done to it is an fmf powerbomb header and titanium 4 muffler. i'm kind of curious to see what it'll do with a 47t rear on it now. i was expecting to top out at maybe 75, but 90?! i wasn't expecting that from a 5 speed mx bike with steep gears. i love my 450r!