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  1. I just installed the Tusk kit with the hand guard blinkers. So far so good. I like the original fender so I built my own tail light bracket with plate holder. I also have access to a full fab shop and powder coating shop. If I were to do it again I would mount the blinkers up by the tail light. It fits up good. The only problem i had is the rear blinker wires are shorter than I would like. I ended up running the rear connections in the tool bag with the battery. I don't like the mirror but I might just live with it for now. I'm glad I got mine before they went on back order.
  2. Got it ready to ride to work. Tusk dual sport kit with hand guard blinkers. Custom Light bracket with battery in tool bag. Now if will just warm up a bit!
  3. Built my own to use Tusk LED taillight and blinkers. Kinda handy to have #D solid modeling software, a CNC laser, CNC sheet metal brake, and powder coating to play with at work.
  4. This is why I always do my own work whenever possible. Hope you can get it all worked out.
  5. I agree, sounds like a blow by issue. I would do a compression check and see were it is at. You might also want to check your oil. if your bike has to much oil it will spit out the crank case breather. Good luck.
  6. No problem! Always glad to help and older pig rider. Have fun out there.
  7. The dual carb set up does not have a plate choke like later model XR's. The primary carb has an enricher circuit. On the carb diagram it is part number 19 for what they call the valve set. I have had theses carbs off many times and know that there are no coke plat on this system. I am by no means an expert but this is what I have seen in my bike.
  8. The dual carb dose not use a flapper plate. Here is a picture if you need it. http://www.bikebandit.com/houseofmotorcycles/honda-motorcycle-xr600r-1985/o/m3099
  9. I know 85-87 has the same decompression set up with a handle bar release and another attached to the kick starter. You can find a lot of parts off of ebay used or new from bike bandit or service honda.
  10. Well there are three things needed to make an engine run; Spark, Fuel, and Compression. If you have spark, are you sure it is getting fuel from the carb? Have you done a compression test yet? Just some thing to start looking at.
  11. Is the gas tank venting properly? This could cause it to run awhile then stop. Next time it dies, immediately open the gas cap and the try starting it again. Just my $.02:ride:
  12. I would think it might be the cable. Has it been lubed lately?
  13. So how long dose the charge last? How fast and how much power dose it have? Just things I always wanted to know.
  14. You could swap your jets but that really wont fix your idle stall. Main jets only affect when you throttle is half to full (if I remember correctly). Have you cleaned the pilot jet. What about cleaning out the air screw. Good luck.
  15. Give the carbs a good cleaning. The one looks full of gas gunk. Clean out the jets with carb cleaner and compressed air. Make sure you clean all the small passages. Also check the float hight, and the needle valve since it can get gummed up. The linkage between the carbs may need to be adjusted. I set mine so the secondary cab open almost immediately after the first. It seems to have diminished the slight miss. I hope this helps.