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  1. Kermit22

    04 yz450 tranny...

    Fourth gear finally went out yesterday. Upon looking at the parts list i noticed a fourth gear pinion gear and a fourth gear wheel gear. Which one of these do i need to order. Also everyone say's to replace the shifter fork but i didn't see one on the parts list schematics....... Would appreciate any help. Trying to order this stuff asap.
  2. Kermit22

    idle prob..yz450

    Sounds good.......i guess i'll back out my screw a little because i checked my valves today and they were all in spec....plus last week when i got the bike back together from rebuilding it that is one thing i did was go through the carb so i was pretty sure there wasn't anything in the carb. However the gas i had was only about two weeks old...would bad gas be a culprit...seems to me like bad gas would just make it run bad throughout throttle range, not just idle...but i don't know.
  3. Kermit22

    idle prob..yz450

    Just go back from riding and was about to post the same thing...after a few hours mine was idling high too...after a little bit it would idle back down. Wondering if it isn't something to do with colder weather..Just richened up the carb..well the main jet anyway...pulled the plug tonight and it is showing perfect..barely any brown...checked my valve clearances and they are all in there....? I did mess with my fuel screw yesterday but why would it only do this after it has been run for awhile?
  4. Good post......Just finished my top and bottom end and after two days of riding i pulled the plug and it was white..was fixing to go up one on my main to get a little brown but i was wondering if you moved the clip down a notch or left it as is.
  5. Kermit22

    List of problems

    Well i noticed someone just posted a timing question and the reason for this thread was that i just pulled my head and cylinder, etc to check everything out and noticed that my lower gear for timing chain looked kinda rough....teeth were all there but you could see the indentions from the teeth on the chain.Also like the other thread was saying...when i was lined up on the marks for top dead center my punchmarks on the cam were not in line with the head..both were about a tooth off...didn't know if it came like that or if chain might have slipped once.
  6. Kermit22

    List of problems

    But nothing major like an oil pump failure or lower gear for timing chain wearing out?
  7. Kermit22

    List of problems

    Just wanted to know what problems you guys have had with the yzf 450's.
  8. While checking some things on my 450 i finally got the bike to start and was running fine. I forgot to hook up the kill switch si i turned off the petcock and was going to let it run dry. Then noticed it was starting to dump radiator fluid from the vent line.Also checked my oil level and it showed to have none, which i knew the ride before i had changed it and there was oil in there. So i added more than a quart to it and this thing never did show up on the dipstick and i did notice that the coolant from overflow was cold, radiators were both hot though. Is there a common shaft or sprocket that drives both oil pump and water impellor? I did drain the oil from the frame and there was oil in there but man it was black for just two rides, as if oil has not been circulating.
  9. Kermit22

    cdi units

    Well thanks for the help guys......got a meter now and tonight i'll start by checking these things out and let you know what i found.
  10. Kermit22

    cdi units

    Could feel it start to bog down some in 4th and by the time i shut her down she kept going and died.Wouldn't start at all of course, put my old plug in and it started and made it back to camp but was running crappy on the way there.Tried to restart it at camp but was to no avail, would pop on every kick and the plug , i removed it and checked it for spark and it was there. I've went through the carb and it is good but was going to check wires tonight. Disconnected the kill switch also and it didn't matter. Any of this sound familiar at all?
  11. Kermit22

    cdi units

    Any of you guys had to replace your cdi units and if so what was the symptoms when it failed?
  12. Kermit22

    cdi units.

    Has anyone had to replace their cdi unit and if so what was the symptom of it failing? 04 yz450
  13. Kermit22

    Need some help here....!!

    Alright...valves checked good,disconnected kill switch, removed sparkplug and it was firing when kicked.Looked at main jet,was still there.Clip and needle still in tact,float wasn't stuck.However there did seem to be alot of gas in the upper section of carb and the plug was pretty covered when i pulled it. 'Is there something in the carb i am missing or would wiring somewhere not let it start. It pops when trying to start but won't start
  14. Alright. today my 450 was running fine but i started to notice 4th seemed to be kinda bogging down. By the time I got her slowed down it bogged down completely and died.Wouldn't restart but compression was fine,had fuel ect. Got a ride back to truck and put in my old sparkplug and it started and made it back to truck.Now that i'm home i tried to start it and it pops but won't start. Seems to have fouled this plug on just the trip back to the truck.Before i tear apart the carb just wondered if anyone else has had this happen to them maybe of has an idea of what the heck happened.
  15. Kermit22


    Dunes are in west texas near Kermit....not even a quarter of the size of Glamis but still a good place to ride and it's only 10 minutes away.......bonus.