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  1. Anyone have black plastics on their 05 450? with or w/o graphics? looking for pics. ThanX Ryan
  2. found some good info on the search thanX, I'll have to try it out tomorrow
  3. I just recently purchased an 01 426 and it starts like a million dollars when cold but a hot restart almost seams imposable w/o a push start. Is there any ggod combination or trick w/ using the hot start lever or the hot start choke on the carb that I should be aware of? thanX in advance!
  4. Wow that got out of hand quickly now we're talking about people dieing and what not. Anyhow The back brake control is a must. practice pulling a wheelie a foot of the ground and slamming it back down with the back brake, then two feet and three feet. It has to be an unconscience decision when you are going over back words you don't have time to think lets put my foot on the brake it just has to happen. And for shifting cluchless is the way to go just slightly let off the throttle and pop up the shifter. try it a few time low so you can get used to the pop or you'll end up on your A$$ w/ no brake control. Hope this helped.
  5. If you are at balance point you shouldn't have to shift unless you are trying to pick up speed for a coaster or running from the police. work on slowing them down not speeding them up, it's alot more fun and impressive when you can do a wheelie at walking speed than freeway speed. Coaster are par none the most fun though.
  6. Any one know where to get silver plastic for the DRZ yet? I can only find blk, wht, yellow. ThanX Ryan
  7. ThanX a ton everyone I'll be ordering some.
  8. Does anyone know of a maker of white DRZ400SM fork guards? Acrebis only has them listed for a RMZ. OR will RMZ ones work? ThanX in Advance
  9. Anyone found any good pads for their SM yet? Or can you use other non SM front and rear pads???? ThanX Ryan
  10. is the right angle when your subframe hits the ground?
  11. Here are some of me http://www.freestylelifestyle.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=4&pos=1 http://www.freestylelifestyle.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=2&pos=18
  12. I own both and the X is like night and day compared to my drz400SM, but the drz needs alot less detail and attention for up keep. The X has twice the power for seat of the pants feel.
  13. I presently am riding a 05 DRZ400 sm as a stunt bike. I'm looking at getting a 40 SMR 450 to stunt as well, but I'm not sure about the reliability or oil capasity? the bike will be spending its whole life doing wheelies and endos. anyone have a ny helpfull insight with these models. I really don't want to get one and have it gernade on me. ThanX in advance
  14. in parts unlimited cataloge it says except SM by the pads listed
  15. no one?????