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  1. KLX 250 S choice of 2 for sale #1 Green 2009, 6K miles, FMF pipe, fender eliminator, skid plate, LED's, HID, jet kit, new tires, and a couple other little goodies. #2 Red 2012, 1500 miles bone stock. Both appear to be clean. well maintained and ready to ride. Both bikes same price. Which do you choose? Why?
  2. I've been looking to buy a dual purpose enduro type bike and seems like KLX250S is gonna be the one. I notice that 90% of the bikes for sale are 2009. A couple 2012's, 2007 and 2005 too but mostly 2009's. Is there any issue with that particular year or some other reason I haven't heard of?
  3. hotrod32

    230L suspension upgrade

    Rea shock has about 6" of travel, Kind of lame when thumpin through the woods. Would like more height and I'm a bit heavy
  4. hotrod32

    230L suspension upgrade

    massachusetts near connecticut and rhode island What is DR?
  5. hotrod32

    230L suspension upgrade

    I know there is a bunch for the "F" but not the "L". From what I have read they are two entirely different bikes. There in lies the problem. Need the convenience of being able to get titled, plated and inspected. Nt looking to make a 250X but closer to a modded 230F!
  6. I see all sorts of stuff available for 230F suspension, Works shocks, BBr springs etc. Can anything be done to upgrade the miserable suspension of a CRF230 L (2009) Link to vendors would be nice too!
  7. If I buy a used bike CRF X, WRF, or KXF that will have an for offroad use title or reg (if no title) how do I go about getting it approved for MA street title reg, I know what has to be added to the bike. I am asking strictly papaerwork to satisfy the RMV. There used to be a form and process where a police officer verified the VIN and then you could go get it titled and registered. Does anyone know the procedure?
  8. How do you get VT street reg with a MA address? I went through a process years ago and street plated a CRF230 in MA but I jumped through a couple hoops thgen, not sure I can still jump these days.
  9. hotrod32

    MA OHV sticker question

    If you have the Certificate of Origin or title signed over by previous owner with date and price and paid sales tax form that is all you need the signed title is a bill of sale. It works that way with autos, should work the same with bike. You'll also need RMV form stamped by INS co for a street plate. The whole idea behind any registration is basically proof that they collected sales tax.
  10. hotrod32

    Certificate of origin

    Once the bike is registered in MA the certificate of origin is exchanged for a title issued by MA unless your registration is an off road use type. You cannot get another Certificate of Origin. If you have the bike registered for on road you can get a duplicate tile if yours is lost. Your registration should be enough to get this. Now, if you have an off road registration and now you want to plate it for the road it is another process. Being a 1985 it could be registered as an antique with just bill of sale and sales tax proof. Otherwise you have to go through a process and some forms where a cop verifies the VIN and then you can apply for a title. I got a 2003 CRF 230 plated for the street but it was a process. Hope you are a little less confused now.
  11. what is your size and how you will ride can be important factors. I have a bike I enjoy because I am old and just putt around, In theory I should be riding bigger but I am more than content with an XR250 only wish the starter was a button.
  12. I read most of theses and everyone has an opinion as to what's best but If you have to ask which bike we must assume you are new to the sport or have out grown a bike. That being said I would like to add some things to consider. Can you tear down and rebuild a bike? If yes you are probably not really a which bike candidate as you've been around bikes for a while. So if you need to bring in a bike for anything more than a spark plug and changing the oil is there a dealer for the brand your interested in anywhere near you. Over the years I've seen dealerships dwindle from every other town to 50 miles apart and that's red, blue, yellow and green even further and orange I'm not even sure where they are. Secondly, will you be leaving it alone or tweeking and tinkering every aftermarket part available. You may want to check availabilities for the goodies you'll want to change. Is your ability or ego buying the bike. Sometimes a guy that sets up and can ride can run rings around a guy with big horsepower and no so big ability. Whatever you buy, enjoy your ride, and ride it! It really sucks to read For Sale, hardly used. It makes you wonder what where they thinking?
  13. hotrod32

    Two Total Knees and riding...... Dr. Mark?

    So are you saying it is ok or should I stay on the couch until I explode. Trust me I'm not putting racing numbers on my bike. I am just putting around so the kid isn't alone. I have enough trouble swinging the leg over. As for the low T well don't they make a blue pill for when it gets that bad?
  14. I would like to know more about this set up!
  15. I have has both and currently have a V. I prefer the V for several reasons mostly extra space. Towing with a motorhome and a short tongue flat can cause trouble in tight uphill turns, As for wind the V can only be better, crosswinds hitting the sides of either will be about the same. I have had 18 flat 18 V and 14 V my cureents are a open 20 with a chariot looking wind deflector and a little 5x8 V that when it is not hauling a drum kit, has either a road king or two Hondas (250 &100) no problem.