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    cost to REBUILD?

    Just did a piston & Kibblewhite valves on my '03. I used an OEM piston Rings & Gaskets, as well as a timing chain tensioner from an '04. I had the seats cut & had the machine shop reassemble my head. My total bill was $750, I did the R & R. I bought my valves from the machine shop, in case they needed the oversize valves. I bought everything else from my Honda Dealer, who gives me the usual 15%. only 1 ride on it so far, but compression is up, and the bottom end power, which I did not realize was down, is back and great. Hope this helps
  2. bmxdad-1

    checked valves on my 05 450r

    You are doing the right thing. Just don't get complacent with the valves if they don't show any wear right away. When they start to go away, they will go fast. There is an article in this months Motocross Action that is really good, titled "How to tell if your thumper is doomed" its full of good stuff. It does say the valves seem to like to be .004 to .006. That is what Pro Circuit recomends. I jut shim to .006. From what I have read here, and my own experience, its best to not let your valves go to zero clearence. That will mean a trip to the machine shop to re-cut the seats in most cases when its time to replace the valves. just my .02 worth.
  3. bmxdad-1

    What about Air Filters?

    with so much talk about the Honda Valves, I wonder if anybody has had any success with different brands of air filters for the CRF. I use Twin Air and stock back & forth on my '03 and my son's '04. The Twin Air tears easy with the tight airbox, Does any body have any input on this? Is there any data on which filter actual "filters" the air best?
  4. bmxdad-1

    Valves - a problem but not a big deal ($150)

    good luck on the 3 years on the second set of valves. It has been my experience that once the adjustment goes to zero, the seats get damaged and the replacement valves wear out very quickly. keep a close eye on the adjustment, and maybe yours will last longer. My 03 has bben great and I am just now switching to Kibblewhites.