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  1. Dave, We will be out at Cahuilla Creek on Saturday. Hopefully it will cool off a little. Come out and ride with us if you feel like it.
  2. Say it isn't so! Chris and Ben busted @$$ for this event. I believe they also payed for everything up front out of their own pockets. Shame on anyone that complains that they were one of the few that didn't get anything. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Chris, I don't think there is anyhting to apologize for. You did a great job with the prizes! I don't think anyone could have asked for more. it was pretty much like paying for practice and getting a chance to win some great items.
  4. You guys are too fast! I just sat down at my desk and saw an email from Allison saying that the pictures are up. Sorry if we missed anyone! Also if you would like prints of any pictures, you can order them through us and we will give the riders a special TT price (enough to cover expenses). Email if you want any. Thanks again to Chris and Ben! It was another great event this year.
  5. Hey Guys, I know that there have been people asking about the pictures and we have already had some phone calls. We are working hard on getting everything up as soon as possible...hopefully by the end of the day. Allison was up until midnight the last two nights woking on things. We had a battery problem with Mac that interupted the editing process. There are close to 500 pictures last time I checked and most are of the riders. Hopefully we got everyone. I will post a link as soon as everthing is finished. Jared
  6. I'm sure we can work out something together. We just want to help out and make this as good of an event as possible...don't think that you are stepping on any toes shifter. I know that Allison was planning on having the pics in a viewing gallery on her website and has cards made with the link. We have plenty of space to host them all. It's cool if Chris or Ben want them somewhere else also, it doesn't matter to us. Riders and sponsors will be able to pull the pictures off the viewing gallery or order prints at a discounted price if they want (We aren't trying to make money on this event, just cover costs for prints). Pm me if you want to discuss more of the details. Can't wait to ride!
  7. Solo, Don't be intimidated, just go out and have fun. This is probably one of the best times for a new track rider. There will be plenty of riders there that I'm sure would be willing to help a fellow TT member get the basics down and feel comfortable on the track. It is worth attending just for the give aways that Chris and Ben have been working on.
  8. Boy this event is getting better with every post!
  9. I found this step by step video on Transworld. It helped quite a bit.,13190,1569040,00.html
  10. Chris, Allison said that she is willing to come out and photograph the event. Just let me know if you want her to so that she can bring all the equipment. Just no pictures of Ben in his undies...don't want to break any equipment. We will both be out there and I will be riding this year. Sounds like you guys are off to a great start already. Hope to see everyone out there.
  11. I went up to 13/49 for a while. When I had to borrow my buddies wheel with the stock gearing I realized how much better it was. I have an aftermarket exhaust that helps on the bottom, so I'm sure that makes a difference.
  12. None that I know of. All the cool places to ride keep getting leveled out for houses. You will probably have to hit one of the tracks. Where are you racing?
  13. I never was impressed with the riding at Table Mesa...nothing too exciting and too many people. Granite Mountain is a fun ride. I prefer going in the from the east side since there are usually less people parked there.
  14. Canyon is my favorite.
  15. The triple step up at Canyon! I love that jump! Looks like you're having some fun.