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  1. Gforce10

    Are Drz400e kickstarts reliable

    I have 2 friends with DRZ's and both had dead battery problems but thats due to negelct. Trade magazine articles cited poor battery performance. You won't be able to bump start by pushing you have to tow them. I vote for a kick start option myself.
  2. Gforce10

    El Mirage Dry Lake

    Went riding at El Mirage yesterday and was suprised to see that the Sheriff's department and the Rangers had a makeshift entrance checkpoint entering the area. They were checking registration and spark arresters. They were also riding around on quads checking others as well. They were pretty cool about things as some in our group did not have approved spark arresters but let them go in anyway. I noticed the CHP helicopter patrolling the area as well. Times are a changing but they seemed to want to keep the area open. The lakebed was closed to all traffic for the weekend and it was not due to water. Too many weekend accidents.
  3. Gforce10

    What would you buy first?

    Suspension always first.
  4. Gforce10

    Giving up road motorcycling?

    This is so very true. I see too many bike wrecks here in so. cal caused by these very people. They are not looking out for bikers. The last 3 i saw were on the freeway. The riders had no chance to react. All 3 went down hard and that was hard to witness. When my daughter was born i gave up the street. She was more important to me than the street bikes. Now its all dirt and the family can join me as well.
  5. Stick with the MX boots. They will break in and you will get use to them. Better protection than hiking boots.
  6. Gforce10

    How come every umbrella girl

    Those girls are more than welcome to hold my umbrella any time. Thanks for the link.
  7. Gforce10

    Where are all the old timers?

    I couldn't resist chiming in as an old guy and proud of it. I still crash as good now as i did when i was a kid. Thats good right? Or is it the older i get the better i used to be? OLD GUYS RULE. It's good to be King.
  8. Gforce10

    Speed Odometer & Trip Meter

    The trailtech has worked great for me over the last 1 1/2 years.
  9. This guys front tire will last forever. It hardly gets used.
  10. Gforce10

    sumpthin for the old dudes

    That was awesome! Some great pics of bikes and i really liked the old race pictures as well. Now i know why i did not study back in grade school. I was looking at these same bikes and riders. Nothing like 4" of travel to bring back memories.
  11. Gforce10

    Great way to load a bike!!!

    This has been around awhile but still funny everytime i see it.
  12. Gforce10

    Can't find the nerve or balls!!

    I have been riding for 35 years and finally had to ask myself can i afford to come up short on big jumps. No. Got wife and kids to take care of. I let the young bucks do the doubles and triples. I miss doing that stuff but can't afford to end up in the ER anymore.
  13. First time i have seen this. Sweeeet. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Gforce10

    Red Sticker Dates....?

    Oct. 15th thru May 15th
  15. Gforce10

    Any red sticker friendly riding areas in So Cal

    Riding Gorman with a red sticker is rolling the dice. I have been out to El Mirage the last 2 weekends and no Rangers. I have been taking the red sticker sled ( 04 YZ450F). Stay away from the lake and if you see the Ranger go the other way. They key on loud bikes as well. I put on a Pro Circuit Type496 so i avoid the approved muffler ticket at least. We normally ride in the eastern and northen section of El Mirage. Not as whooped out and further away from the dry lake riding organ donors.