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    Riding/racing, bikes, sleds, 4x4n', shootin'
  1. born2ridegrl

    Snowbike Race: Mt. Hood, April 10

    Also same weekend as the Baker Shootout - so a lot of the snow peeps will be attending that if they aren't going to the Dez.
  2. I'm excited for this one. This is the one Enduro I don't miss
  3. born2ridegrl

    1st NMA Offroad races of the season

    I haven't went through a full box of Q-Tips yet!...Working my way through it though. So much dust... Had an awesome time Saturday working the checkpoint. Glad riders had a good time, good to see all of my biking friends again. Thanks
  4. born2ridegrl


    Sent you a PM. I have one for sale.
  5. born2ridegrl

    what do you do in the winter?

    We ride our sleds during winter!
  6. born2ridegrl

    Roll-off recommendations ?

    Scotts Works System is the best one I've used. If you notice the lenses has these rigid bumps on them so the roll offs do not scratch the lenses. I've used Spy in previous years and found the lenses would get scratched from them.
  7. born2ridegrl

    Rimrock GP

    Anyone else camping out this weekend? We're heading over tomorrow morning. I have Monday off, so we can take our sweet time this weekend. My BF will the geek with the RC trucks on the rock island this weekend lol.
  8. born2ridegrl

    Rimrock GP

    So who's all goin!? Should be another fun one.
  9. born2ridegrl

    Naches Trail - Yakima Sheriff

    It was on 684 road crossing. We weren't riding on the forest roads when were pulled over.
  10. born2ridegrl

    Naches Trail - Yakima Sheriff

    TY...I remember reading about this last year. I just couldn't remember what riding area it was. I just hope my plate does not get revoked from this DB.
  11. born2ridegrl

    Naches Trail - Yakima Sheriff

    Thank you for your help. This is the first time I've had any problems with any law enforcement when riding.
  12. born2ridegrl

    Naches Trail - Yakima Sheriff

    It was at a crossing (the last crossing going back up to the Greenwater side). He had his truck parked blocking the trail, so my buddy leading had to stop, and end turn, I did thinking that was the right thing to do. There were an awful lot of 4x4's going by and not being stopped/questioned (Some of them were not street legal, with bead locks, etc). Someone else in the staging area got stopped (he was legal) was given a hard time as well. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a ticket/warning or something in the mail, he took down all of our address's and phone numbers.
  13. born2ridegrl

    Naches Trail - Yakima Sheriff

    Just wondering if anyone else got pulled over by the Yakima Sheriff this weekend? They were telling us that we need to turn in our plates on our KTM's, and giving us a difficult time, along with a few others we've encountered on the trails... Thanks E
  14. born2ridegrl

    Stay cool

    I don't bother to check to see how hot is is. All I know is my cooling devices consist of the floation, river, and frosty cold beers.
  15. born2ridegrl

    Hannegan Speedway this weekend!!!

    What are the conditions looking like in the woods?