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  1. Rotor388th

    Same Speedo DRZ400E / SM

    Is it the same speedo / gauge on the E model as to the SM model just with a different gear drive to compensate for different size of rims?
  2. Rotor388th

    How many miles on your odometer?

    19,200mls on my 2003. did 340mls on my last ride. trouble free, every mile. my friend has 25,500mls on his some trouble. 2003 another friend has almost 30,000mls no trouble at all but he drives like a grandma 2002 model.
  3. Rotor388th

    DRZ goes BOOOOM!!!

    I can vouch for the 95mph. I was just 5 feet from him when that thing blew. He’s got just under 25,000mls on that bike with a big bore installed at around 20,000 I’ve got 18,600 on mine all original. And still going strong. Knock on wood. If Vanram doesn’t buy that motor I will. Just so we can have a spare. http://www.members.shaw.ca/rotor/pics/RedRock.bmp
  4. Rotor388th

    new e carb on ebay

    When you can buy the hole kit for $516.00 right hear. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=337250 that guy got took
  5. Rotor388th

    new e carb on ebay

    Me 2 ended up to be to much $
  6. Rotor388th

    More Battery ?s

    Put it to the real test yesterday.. ran good all day except when I forgot the key on for about 10min. then I had to pushstart it.
  7. Rotor388th

    More Battery ?s

    My battery went dead over the winter. Completely dead nothing wouldn’t even make the smallest bulb I could find glow the slightest. Charging did nothing. Trickle or Boost. Popped the top off of it (factory battery) had a bit of trouble but still came off without damaging anything. Looked at for awhile… figured what the hell add some water can’t screw it up any more than it is. So I added 3mls, of distilled water, charged it for 1hr on 2amp charge. To my surprise it came back to life slightly. So I added 3 more & then a nother 3mls more of water charged up for another 1.5hrs. whamo the battery is back in my bike. Been running it for 2 weeks every day. Granted its probably not going to last real long time. But dam it’s cranking the bike over real nice. I’m not going to rush out to buy a new battery as is