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    Used DRZ400?

    Thanks for the tips! I've known the seller for a few years so I don't think he'd try to swindle the deal.

    Used DRZ400?

    This is a newbie question... I have recently come across a blue 2003 DRZ400s for sale in North Vancouver, B.C. The bike is selling for a fairly good price. The bike is completely modded out with a steering damper, jet kit, rad guards etc, etc... but has been ridden almost entirely off road and has about 5000kms on it. The owner says he has had some spills off road and has ridden in harsh weather conditions (snow...streams) but has fixed all the parts frequently although there are still some bends and dents in the plastic including a messed up headlight and muffler but they are fully operational. He has always changed the fluids including the brake fluid when required and the oil on a regular basis. I'm new to dual sports as I've been a sport rider since day one and I know almost nothing about the pricing of dual sport bikes and of course I'm expecting an off-road bike to have much more dings in it. How much should it go for and is it worth purchasing as I cannot tell how much abuse the bike has taken? My plans are to use the bike 75 percent off road and 25 percent on road (to get to the trails!)

    DRZ 400 vs. DRZ 650

    I'd take the 650 since it's free. http://www.suzukicycles.com/Products/ProductDisplay.aspx?modelCode=DR650SEK6&activeSection=OVERVIEW

    drz400sm vs. the rest

    Really? Basic yes, but does that include comprehensive and collision? I suppose that's on the declared value. Why did my insurance place quote that much more....never mind. She must have typed in the wrong figures when making a quote

    drz400sm vs. the rest

    I'm not sure what everyone's insurance rates are across North America, but where I am in B.C. the difference between a DRZ400sm and a 525 is about 50-60 dollars a month for full coverage. 50-60 a month x 10 months per year = 500 to spend on upgrades/maintenance per year.

    Engine knock on new '05 DRZ400S?

    Mm...do you have a sound sample? My old Sv1000s knocked like crazy but didn't suffer from any mechanical problems.