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  1. cdeseru

    Meadows Campground ?

    Going camping at the meadows campground or Mack lake To do a little Pig riding With a friend. Is one of the trail systems less sandy? more technical? Please tell.
  2. cdeseru

    Project XR650R

    Were did you get the DRC light and good luck
  3. cdeseru

    BD kit, stock taillight still functioning

    I run a 55w Headlight and bougth a 1157 halo style led bulb not a normal LED because the only shine light out in one direction but the halo style shine 360 degrees and there is no power draw at all My lights DO NOT DIM AT A IDLE with the brake light on with a stock stator Also I tried a normal 1157 bulb and at a idle with the brake on my headlight looked like a candle behind wax paper. Search ebaymotors for a 1157 RED BULB HALO Love my pig!
  4. Thank You All I need to know I hope
  5. that sounds great now how about changing the seat cover? Tanks again
  6. Please help what is the best way to remove stock graphics and seat cover and install FMF graphics and seat cover on my BRP? Please start from the beginning I'm new at this.. Thank You
  7. cdeseru

    Detroit Race Question

    Will there be any vender like boots and things ???
  8. cdeseru

    Wanted : XR / CRF 70

    Thanks For the 50 she was riding it on jan 1 the smile was huge..... P.S. the BRP ran great also....
  9. cdeseru

    Anyone form Mt.Morris, MI

    Port Huron 650r Plated
  10. cdeseru

    Title trouble - Michigan

    If you got the plate you will get the title. They did not even ask me for any prices for the parts. I never saw a green sheet Trust me you will get your title.
  11. cdeseru

    Anyone with a stock "R" tank for sale???

    There has been a few on EBAY the last couple of weeks look in EBAYMOTORS under HONDA XR650R then go to the bottom of the page and click on the highlighted XR650R. There is a 3.4 IMS on there now for $81.00 item #4582274249 Hope this helps
  12. cdeseru

    Any good riding in ontario

    From Port Huron area is there any good riding close to the BLUE WATER BRIDGE? Say an hour or two. Single track and double
  13. cdeseru

    Michigan Dual Sporters, lets hear it

    No you do not need your endorcement to plate or put insurance on your bike. also call your local harley shop they have classes on getting your endorcement then all you have to do is do the written part for the state.
  14. cdeseru

    Best way to tweek rear fender on 01 BRP

    Thank you I will give it a try
  15. cdeseru

    is the xr650r comfortable?

    If Your Pig is uncorked You won't be on the seat