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  1. I'd like to see what you find out. I'm having a similar problem with my bike, only I have the stock CV carb. Bike sat for a few months, now it won't idle correctly and backfires at low speeds. Had the carb apart multiple times and cleaned....no improvement. Time for FCR maybe???
  2. Here are my toys: 98' TL1000S with Yoshi Pipes, Stock 01' DR: After some work on the DR last summer:
  3. The Clarke accepts the rad shrouds, I think the IMS doesn't though. You will love the extra capacity!! Where I ride is 20 miles from my house one way so I really had to limit how far I went before with the small stock tank
  4. Actually I was looking for some advice on a tire too. My rear Bridgestone ED04 is now wore out, thanks to the 3x3 and yoshi pipe. I only ride on the street to get to the dirt. I was just gonna get another ED04 but the Pirelli MT21 and Kenda K760 Trackmaster caught my eyes as well.
  5. Have any pics of the fork KTM fork guards installed?? I assume the Thumper Talk store has em.
  6. Trust me I'm aware. I can't leave anything alone. The modding process is never ending. For now though I'm happy with the way the bike performs and looks.
  7. It will eventually drain if you don't ride it for a while. I've lost 2 batteries so far over winter from not starting or charging it. Since then I now use a battery maintainer and it will save the battery.
  8. After all the waiting for UPS and finding free time, I finally got my bike together with much improvement. All new Acerbis black plastic, Clarke 4 gallon tank, SM front fender, Acerbis Diamond Headlight, DRC tail, ProTapers. Didn't realize how much of a PIA it was gonna be to remove the stock grips from the throttle tube, $10 is a much better investment than the hours spent cleaning the old one off. Had to relocate the ignition switch due to the protapers, mounted it to the triple clamp with no problems. Go-Fast mods include: Yoshi RS-3, 3+3 airbox mod, Dynojet jet kit, 14 tooth front sproket, and all the odds and ends removed. I guess the next step is buying the wheels, tires, and front brake for the SM conversion, will be a while though. Enjoy.
  9. I just did exactely what you want to do to your bike. All black plastic with SM front fender. Waiting on UPS right now for my handle bar adapters for my Protapers. Hopefully get some pics up tonight. Looks really good. Now just need to save for some Excel wheels.
  10. The white part of the number plate is a sticker. I haven't installed the Diamond yet, I'm waiting on my handlebar adapters for the Pro-Tapers to come in, should have pics of the finished product up by the weekend hopefully!!
  11. 01 with just over 5000, rock solid! More fun than my TL in some ways. Wish I had more time
  12. I had this turn up a few weeks ago. I changed all the plastic on my DR to black from yellow. I went to the dealer to price a black SM shroud, it was $50. Then the thought of Kryloning mine to black, scratched that idea and got on here and ordered an Acerbis Diamond for $80. Better lighting for $30 more, I'll take it!
  13. Hey, I have my stock DRZ tank. It's yellow and in great shape. No fuel petcock though, had to use it on my new one.
  14. That looks awesome, I'm gonna try and fab up a similar bracket minus the turn signals (don't need em in VA).
  15. Thanks for the input guys. Exactly what I needed!