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  1. Well actually it is the same engine as the DRZ400s (NOT DRZ400E!!!). Except they might've changed the gearbox. (ratio's and reverse) Besides that it's the same.
  2. Well actually I do have the Z400 quad, but well engine is the same as the DRZ400s. Both Hotcams and Yoshimura make cams for it, got the Hotcams from a friend of mine who wasn't satisfied with them and sent them to Yoshimura to tune them. The quad ran great with the stoch BSR36 carb and runs even better with the FCR (in higher rpms), it's just that I have no idle. Something I did notice is that the slide does not close 100% when I let go of the throttle........guessing this isn't normal......or is it? (My first FCR....) Furthermore I have a different needle lying around, I'll try to check the needle code tomorrow. Sorry that I keep asking stupid questions, I'm a complete n00b when it comes to jetting, my method mostly consists of trial and error......
  3. 48 pilot, 90 PAJ, 160 main, needle on 5th (out of seven, seventh being richest), 3 turns out on the fuel-screw. I will take the needle out tomorrow to check what type it is but I suspect stock YFZ450 needle. I don't know the needle code but I don't know how this can affect my idle? (don't want to be an @ss, just would like to know how the needle affects idle) Other specs: Suzuki Z400 quad Stage 2 Hotcams tuned by Yoshimura 39 FCR from YFZ incl throttle cable Slip-on FPe silencer Tuned CDI (10 500rpm) Oh and I live in Belgium, which is very close to sea level!!!
  4. What if my idle circuit is just plain rich instead of lean? Maybe I have to go down on the pilot jet??? Could this also cause the shooting flames and bad idle? I haven't touched the pilot-airscrew, can this be the cause?
  5. Teunie

    YFZ FCR39 carb on KFX400/Z400

    Well even with 48 pilot and screw turned out it still runs like crap. Sad to say but I've had it with this carb. Back to stock for me.
  6. I now have 48 pilot, 90 PAJ, 160 main, needle on 4th (of 5th cant remember) and 1 turn out on the fuelscrew.... Runs better but it still shoots flames occasionally (not as bad as before) and i have NO idle....
  7. The carb came from a Yamaha YFZ450. The jettings are still stock YFZ as far as I know. (apart from the mainjet and needle position) Did order a 45 and 48 pilot today.
  8. Well rode it today with choke pulled out........no backfire whatsoever and runs good! Larger pilot?
  9. Well, I have fitted a FCR39 carb on my DRZ400. However it's a huge improvement over stock power-wise, it shoots flames (and a loud bang) when decellerating. The headpipe gets red-hot while riding. When I hit the gas it runs ok. I started out with 132 mainjet and moved all the way up to 160 mainjet. It still shoots flames. I adjusted my needle from lean to rich, with no avail. The air screw is already turned out for like 2 turns. I have a 42 pilot. Am I running too rich or too lean??
  10. Teunie

    YFZ FCR39 carb on KFX400/Z400

    Checked the needle today. It's a needle with seven adjustments. It was on the last (seventh) clip........ Changed it to fourth but it still pops when I let go of the throttle. It runs ok through all rpm's but starts popping like hell when I drop the throttle. Don't have any other main and pilotjets yet but I'm going shopping monday. Is it definately running too lean when popping?? I can't imagine it to be running lean with a needle in 7th position?
  11. Teunie

    YFZ FCR39 carb on KFX400/Z400

    As I noted in my post I have a slip-on silencer and fully adjustable CDI. I also have a TwinAir filter and snorkle removed. I will try the larger jets tomorrow and let you know what I find out. Thanks for your reply!
  12. Well I was able to obtain an FCR39 carb off of a YFZ, so I decided to give it a go. I decided I wanted to replace the thumb throttle as well, to make conversion easier. I ordered the DRZ400-E boot and after taking a good breath I tore it all apart. Well the boot fits easy, but then the FCR carb won't fit, it hits the engine support! (throttle assembly and starter assembly hit the tubing!) Is this a common problem and how can I solve this? Well, I didn't want to stop here so I slightly turned the carb over. It fits but it's not alligned 100% ok. The air-intakeboot would fit but it's very very tight. I rigged it all together with braces and stuff so at least its tight. Didn't look at the jetting, decided to do this afterwards based upon first testresults. First test the quad didn't idle at all. I had to give it some gas to keep it running. Once I started riding it got better but it pops like hell once you drop the throttle. When I turn the idle-knob to the right the bike runs better, but then the idlespeed gets to high while riding. Today I looked at my jetting. Note: I live in Belgium, so the altitude is relatively low. Mainjet: 126 Pilot: 42 Fuelscrew: Way too much turned out I replaced with Mainjet: 142 Pilot: didn't replace because don't have jets yet. Fuelscrew: 2 turns out Didn't fiddle with the needle yet (since it runs allright when gassing it). Bike runs alot better now. It idles when cold and on choke. (doesn't idle when warm except when I turn the idle-knob to the right) Runs better then before but still pops when easing off the gas. Does anybody have some recommendations? I have read a lot of information on the internet but it would be nice if someone could point me in a specific direction. Larger pilotjet? My engine mods are: '04 KFX400 Hotcams Stage 2 FPe Silencer Aftermarket CDI