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  1. thanks for the help
  2. Hey does anyone know how to get rid of the twin air air filter cleaner? Can I pour that stuff down the drain?
  3. Well, I can't say that I have worked on one of these but you just pull the plug cap off (the rubber thing witha wire comming out of it) and there it is. Just loosen it up with a wrench and spin it out.
  4. thats pretty smart, I would have never thought of doing that..
  5. I dont know about it causing a advantage, maybe a small loss of power. All the gaurds are for is so you dont burn your self and to keep heat off the radiators and off the motor. That statement at the bottem of your post doesnt really make sense to me??
  6. Yeah, I would check the intake boot and the reeds, and maybe pull the carb and clean it. If it was hydro-locked you would not be able to kick it over at all. good luck.
  7. I would guess that it would be to make it softer, but to me I dont see really advantage to doing something like that.
  8. The OEM cap should have enough pressure(the factory designed them that way) I guess before you buy any thing look to see if he one you got is damaged if it is try a new OEM one.
  9. Well I'm guessing since you had a ttr 125 you already know how to use a clutch and what not so I guess just take it easy and keep it fun
  10. Maybe you radiator cap isn't holding pressure?
  11. Hey, I was looking to buy a blue anodized Renthal sproket for my YZ and I was wondring how they held up? Does the color scratch off easy? Thanks for the advice.
  12. motoworldracing.com I think is still selling that stuff, and its extra cheap (or atleast cheaper then in '05)
  13. Riding in such deep sand like the dunes puts a large strain on the motor bu there really is no problem with it.
  14. Well, I don't own a '06 yz250f but can you tell us what exactly happened to the clutch, what clutch componets broke, and what all did the Yamaha dealership replace.
  15. I'd like to see Nick Wey on the 07 Yamaha team (or any factory team) because every weekend he goes out and works his a$$ off, is more consistant then some of the factory riders and yet never really a good chance to show what he can do on a top-notch bike(not that the one his team is building now are s**t). I'd also like to see Kyle Lewis get a chance on a factory team.