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    Depends on the crossing. If it's something that doesn't have any obstacles lurking, known from previous crossing or clear water, I wheelie across. But if it's murky muddy stuff and I'm not sure what's under the surface I drop to 1st and go through slowly while sitting. May not look all that cool, but I know my bike will be running when I hit the other side. I prefer 1st to 2nd gear because it takes less effort to keep the wheel moving if things get nasty. You can go through some pretty deep stuff, how deep depends on how tall your bike is. Long as the air box is above water your fine.
  2. AdamB

    Reading terrain

    IMO reading terrain is all about experience. I know how fast I can go based on how the bike will react to the upcoming terrain. I know that only from experience. What I like to do for practice is run a fair sized loop and increase my speed each lap. Generally I chose trails that have the worst terrain or obstacles that I'm not 100% comfortable with. Work on your weakest points first.
  3. AdamB

    New England Riding

    I'm a 6'2 220lb NE rider with an XR400. I love the bike, especially in this nasty terrain. I don't find the extra 15lbs or so to be a problem in the tight stuff. And the low end power is great for some of the gnarly hill climbs, specifically when riding the power lines. Those trails have little dirt, it's nearly all rock. It's nice to be able just chug right up it.
  4. AdamB

    Size of XR250/400 riders?

    6'2 220 01 XR400 w/Gordon's mods. I'm in NE, so much of my riding is tight woods and rock gardens. The power is great and I don't find the weight to be an issue at all.