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  1. NICE Glad to see you rollin on the ONE SEVEN"S what do you think of it compared to the stock tread . I didnt spend much time on the street with the stock wheel setup to really feal any differnce when I put the 17's on but I love the way the 17's handle and also the slightly lower center of gravity.HIt me up for a speedo gear I have a few coming to machine up for people or I can show you how I did it .(Requires a Lathe and a special fixture to hold it)
  2. you must have got the front spacer figured out then to ? Still not getting any ideas for you on your brakes other than a simple tare down to find the issue. Good luck
  3. Boy I dont know were to go with your brake problem but everything else is looking good. Did you have brakes before you tore it down?
  4. Ya that sounds kind of high when considering what its for . You need to find a guy like me doing machine work out of his garage with little or no overhead and then you might get a deal if I were to do it for someone I would probably get around 90-100 to do both and be happy. If it were me I would keep the stock wheels intact I have mine setup for on/off roading adventures I only switched them 1 time so far and it really didnt take more than 1/2 hour once I found everything but If you dont intend to use your stockers ever again than maybe the swap is the way go . I would think swapin hubs would be a little pricey to but ive never had any done to know.
  5. Ok now I see what you got looks like you got it figured out. you probably have the correct dimensions for the 160 and yes that 160 is going to be way tight I only have 150's on both off mine and there is probably only a 1/4 gap between tire and chain hopefully everything will line up and clear for you. I did find my other bushings and there totally different than what you need so no help there. My front only had 1 spacer on the brake side and I will have to check that again for dimesions but I do know after lookin at it the wheel does set a little closer to the speedo gear side. If you cant find anybody to machine these up for you let me know Ill help u out Id have to look but I might even have some material left over from the last ones.
  6. The 20mm portion will enter into wheel bearing all the way to the 28mm step I think you said the seal was th same diameter as the 20mm correct? if thats the case that 28mm will hit the seal before it fully seats on the side of the wheel bearing that 28mm must seat against the bearing side to draw everything tite. Maybe im thinking wrong on what the seal dia. was. It looks like your dimensions are close I have your dimensions about 2.5 mm (.100) off from mine being I had more material on the brake side and less on the sproket side. but I cant say that your wrong just that mine must be that much different. Im heading out to the beer garage to go find my other bushings see what those look like.
  7. I see plenty of bearings that size so maybe thats the way to go you could still use the spacer for the seal surface and keep the same seal.
  8. Cant see any of your pics here on my work computer but I know I looked for bearings to do the same thing and could not come up with the right combo of sizes and thickness. I do not remeber the bearing thickness if you could get a number off the bearing you could check it that way.
  9. Well we will have to figure this out you may have different wheels then mine. first thing is to see what the ID is of the wheel bearing. The first step on my spacers (1.100) fits inside of the wheel bearing 2nd step (1.250) fits the seal and the 3rd step is big just to sit against the swingarm. do your spacers actually fit inside the wheel bearing or just act as a spacer and sits on the outside of them?if it fits inside the wheel bearing then just measure that dimension that fits in the bearing with a ruler mine is 1.100 which might make it a 28mm ID bearing. at work goto go
  10. Ok got my ass movin tonight and got it apart so here is a very crude draw up of the xr650l spacers they will be hard to see hopefully you can goto photobuckets site and view them in a bigger format. otherwise pm me your email and ill send you it that way. Those dimensions are in inch taken with a caliper. Those arrows are showing the ID (.680) inside diameter and the OD outside diameter's of the 3 steps . I know this isnt great for explaning what needs to be done but at least u have a little better idea. I did figure the front spacer out to but my picture was blured so Ill have to get another and send it tommorow.
  11. Didnt get a chance to tear the 650 down today I needed to clean my garage up a bit and thats about all I got accomplished today other than went for a short ride.Ill see if I can get at it tommorow. I was looking at my front wheel on mine and it does set closer to the speedo gear side than it does on the brake side. i did mine all with a lathe- drilled it reamed it shaved it- Hell ya !
  12. Ok finally figured out how to post pics Here are the spacers I made for my xr600 rear just to give you an idea and heres my bikes
  13. Hey I did do a write up on how to keep your stock speedo on the L and have it read correctly I wanted to keep mine because I wanted the indicator lights also.with the 17's the speedo would read way fast and you would put on a extra tenth of a mile on every mile with the new gear its right on the money with my gps. You need a 33 dollar speedo gear assembly (part # 44800-kfb-941) and it will need machined opened to fit your front axle. I have to do a little more of a write up on that thread on what needs to be done but check it out. Ya I looked high and low for the right bearing to fit my hub and front axle but no luck you would still need spacers anyway to get the wheel aligned properly anyway. I am doing my service on my L today so I maybe tearing it down and I will get some dimensions from mine. If your rims are laced the same and rim width is the same as mine I would think you could just use my dimensions and everything would work out. Im still trying to figure the pic thing out but I might not be able to post pics yet , Im looking for a write up somewere but not finding it.
  14. Ok this is going to be a little tuff to figure out since im here and your there but For the rear wheel you will have to come up with the right bushing to fit inside the bearing and take it from 20mm down to the 17 mm and along with that it will also have to space the wheel/ tire correctly for the sprokets and chain to line up . It is fine to have that bushing spacer in there it wont matter that the hub/bearing is larger as long as the new spacer rides in the bearing like the one that came with it did. for the front it is basically the same deal except try to get the wheel centered as much as possibile between the forks and then adjust the mount for you caliper to ride on to that maybe try reversing those bushings/spacers . I would not alter the offset on the wheels at all it probabally just needs the correct spacers. I will have to dig out my collection of stuff that I have its been about 2 years since I did mine so my memory is a little sketchy. if I get home tonight Ill try digging some of that stuff out I could just tare down my 650l and give you some dimensions on what I got the only thing that might be different would be the hub width and also you front caliper mount. You will probably need to get to know someone with a lathe so they can machine those bushings up for u if you dont know of anyone I could possibibly help you out as I do. when I figure out how to post pics up ill get some posted of my bushings
  15. Hey I ran into this problem but mine was that I had wheels from a 650r and I was trying to get them to fit a xr600 of course the axle size was different. More than likely you will need some aluminum spacers or bushings made up to go from the bigger axle to the smaller. It took me a few nights of serius thinking to finally figure out mine and I will tell you that a pair of calipers and some measuring tools would probably be needed to figure it out yourself as you will have to get the spacing right. I will have to check and see what I got I might have the spacers you need already if not I can help you figure it out. Luckily I have a 92 xr600 with sumo wheels and also a 04 650l with sumo wheels so it might be as easy as looking at those and copying it. Let me know if you know the rear axle size that way I can check my bushings sizes. That front wheel is also going to need a extension bracket to rehang the caliper not sure if you have one or even got that far yet to find out.