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    zongshen 110cc

    Thanks for the info, I think im going to run it without the battery. I dont need electric start anyhow. It really seems like a good motor by its looks, I guess I will find out when I get it going. I have a xr50 and I just want to build a faster play bike so thats why I went with this motor, plus only paid a little over 300 for it. I agree Hondas are the best but for 300 bucks if it sucks it was worth a try, lol.
  2. I just purchased an zonshen 110cc engine and I am building a pit bike, question I have is, its an electric start and I dont want electric start. Is there a way to make it just kick start with the wiring? I would not mind a electric start but cant find a battey box to fit an xr50 frame. Thanks