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  1. Pull in the compression release ? Try taking the plug out ? After that I would probably remove the clutch side cover and check out the kick start system.
  2. It sounds like you have a left hand kick 1999 TE 610 (competition model), not to be confused with the electric start 1999 TE 610E Dual Sport. Pm me if you need specific information.
  3. I learned to ride a Walker Valley, seems pretty easy.
  4. I would try a new cable first, they do tend to stretch.
  5. Washington

    That tent is on the handicapped parking spot, they definitely deserve a ticket.
  6. Those 2009 TE 310s were pretty reliable. The Athena cylinder was stock in 2009 on the TE 310s. Parts aren't much of an issue if you look a little.
  7. Unfortunately they are not likely to figure it out. You should of mentioned the size restriction us due to the width of the bridges and it was for their own safety.
  8. Washington

    Walker is nice and sunny lately.
  9. You could probably get 3-4 times more hours out of the top end.
  10. The forks should be Marzocchi 45mm magnum forks. They can have 2 different sizes of oil seals so you will need to take them apart to see which you have. Both KTM and husky used them in the mid 90s and the were prone to leaking seals depending on the set you got. It is important to note that one leg controls compression and one leg controls rebound. There is a little C or R on the adjustor on top that indicates what it does.
  11. You will need a voltage regulator or it will burn out the bulbs.
  12. There should be timing marks on the mounting plate of the stator and by the mounting screw holes on the cases. The flywheel will be indexed by the flywheel keyway.
  13. Sorry the road that goes to it is gated. The parking lot is literally the closest.
  14. You have enough power to run a headlight. The WXE models came with a headlight of about 45 watts. There was no difference between the WXC and WXE except an enduro kit that was added at the dealer.
  15. The plugs are different at you thought. You could make your own jumper.