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  1. DC plastics will be the source for the plastics.
  2. I think you mean the emissions system fell off after hitting a tree.
  3. I am going, of course the weather will be good.
  4. Email this guy he makes decomp heads for most bikes including husky 360s weichman@charter.net
  5. MotoX, I was not addressing the price change at all but rather the ease of fixing aluminum versus composite and the cost which can be a huge factor for guys on a budget.
  6. One of the big differences is the aluminum could be straightened, welded, and gusseted for just a few bucks at the local machine shop, the composite one has no such easy to afford repairs.
  7. Funny you mention this, Husqvarna valves used to be reasonably priced until they were bought by ktm and then the price exploded.
  8. Oran, you need to get a year and model on those vavles to help others.
  9. There are no hard trails at walker valley only easy and just a few moderate ones..... move along now.
  10. Yes 2004 and 2005 are different plastics. UFO makes plastic for the 2004 models.
  11. You should check the star on the end of the shift drum, they can come loose.
  12. JoJo that is a great video, nice job. The trail where it got serious was actually Bens revenge, you made a steep uphill turn off of the coyote trail on to Bens.
  13. Those bikes had a clutch rattle that went away when pulling in the clutch. It is easy to pull the cover and check the clutch though to make sure it is good in there.
  14. This is real late but do you still have the plastics in your garage for the 610

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    2. Madmax75


      2000 left kick only

    3. rancher1


      I have shrouds and side panels for the 2000 model, as well as fenders.

    4. Madmax75


      What would you want for the shrouds?i bought a set from dc plastics omg not even close to fitting.can you send a pic of the shrouds u have?