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  1. 04yz450

    mods for 04 yz450

    I appriciate all the advice. About the enzo suspension, is it worth the extra money to get the subtank system for $350?
  2. 04yz450

    mods for 04 yz450

    Thanks for all the advice so far, but I do have some more questions. Is a steering stabilizer worth the money(my riding is all types of terrain). Also, i know i already asked but i cant help but be interested in the lowered radiators that are supposed to lower center of gravity and increase coolant capacity, i didnt know if it was all marketing or do these things really work. And my last question is what is a G2 ergonomics throttle cam system, ive never heard of it before. Thanks again for everyones help.
  3. 04yz450

    mods for 04 yz450

    I was wondering what are the best mods to put on my 04 yz450. I know suspension is a big one but who should i send it out to, i ride all types of terrain so i would assume it would be hard to tune in the suspension for my needs. Other things i was thinking about were the lowered radiators and maybe a new water pump and impeller (ive noticed some overheating in the woods when im moving real slow, plus the lowered center of gravity). Now i know my bike has way more power than i can ever take full advantage of but what mods can i put on it to get more power. what would give the biggest bang for the buck value - cams, exhaust, head porting, or other. I would like an increase in power across the board but if i had to give up some bottom for a bigger increase in top that would be acceptable and vice versa. Thanks for any advice it is all greatly appriciated. FYI, my only mods are universal oversized bar mounts and protapers.