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  1. I've rebuilt plenty of two stroke cranks before, but I'm stumped by the 4 stroke big end bearing pin. It has two small holes in one end. Does it matter which side crank web it gets pressed into? I can't see it making much difference in terms of weight offset. Just curious if anyone has done there own cranks on these bikes.
  2. MXRose3

    thinking about parting out my 200

    How much do you want for the motor out of this bike?
  3. MXRose3

    kxf250 more probs !!

    backfiring and a glowing pipe means its running lean. Richen the fuel screw (turn it out), or go to a larger pilot jet, or raise the needle.
  4. MXRose3

    KX250F 2005 Problems

    have the seats cut. They are out of shape. try www.mxtime.com *As the hardness coating of a Titanium valve wears off, it works its own "pattern" into the valve seat. * The cooling process of a valve takes place when it is in contact with the seat. *The contact patch between the valve and valve seat becomes narrow and uneven. *With diminishing contact area the valve loses its ability to cool and overheats. *Valve becomes soft,deteriorates rapidly and you lose valve clearance *Titanium valves can`t be "lapped" into valve seat without destroying the hardness coating.
  5. MXRose3

    Wiseco Hi compression pistons

    I'm not sure, but I see that Wiseco offers a standard compression piston and a high compression piston (+1). I was curious about the high compression piston.
  6. MXRose3

    Wiseco Hi compression pistons

    My 05' KX250F is due for a new piston/ring. I was thinking about going with the Wiseco hi compression piston. Has anybody on here tried it, and what kind of performance gains or reliability issues did you run into, if any?
  7. MXRose3

    06 YZ125 exhaust

    I've got an eric-gorr 144, and we ended up going with a 450 main jet - stock pipe. We used the alternate richer needle that came with the bike. If we put a FMF Fatty on, it would detonate on pump gas. Even after having the head opened up a little to run on pump gas. The stock pipe is probably the ideal pipe.
  8. MXRose3

    Trade TTR125L rear wheel for small wheel

    *Bump* I'm still looking for a 14" rear wheel. Anybody that wants to trade for a 2001 16" rear wheel, let me know.
  9. MXRose3

    Trade TTR125L rear wheel for small wheel

    ack! I just realized that i originally posted this thread under my son's userid of mxskater56. Oh well... anyway, email me at mxrose3@hotmail.com.
  10. MXRose3

    Trade TTR125L rear wheel for small wheel

    Because the racing organization that i race with will only allow the small wheel version to race in the Mini-womens class which is what my girlfreind is going to ride. I'm putting a KX80 front end on it with a KX80 front wheel also, so i have the front end ready to go as soon as i get a smaller rear wheel for it.
  11. MXRose3

    Trade TTR125L rear wheel for small wheel

    TTR: That sounds good. Where in Maryland are you located? I'm in Delaware and could probably meet you somewhere with it. I have the complete rear wheel with a good tire and sprocket on it. Bob
  12. MXRose3

    02'-03' differences

    Thanks Much! I think we are going to hold out for an 03' after reading that...
  13. MXRose3

    03 Front Fork Question

    on my 02' yz all you do is remove the damper rod from the fork cap, so that you can pull the outer fork away from the inner fork.
  14. MXRose3

    02'-03' differences

    Hi, i'm a newb here. Me and my 17 yr old son both ride and race 02', and 04' YZ125 two smokers at the present time, but he keeps bugging me to buy him a 4 stroke. I dont have a lot of money to spend and i dont want to be working on it all the time, so i've decided to possibly get him a YZ250F since they are the most dependable, and we are both Yamaha guys anyway. I can get a really good deal on on 02' 250F, but i'm now told the 03' is a better handling/lighter bike?? Is there that big a difference between the 02' and the 03' handling/weight wise? Should i spend the extra money on an 03', or just go for the cheaper 02'? I know I can count on you guys to give me some good advice.... Bob