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  1. I thought the number of crashes would be a good gauge of whether or not I am riding well. Zero crashes = riding ok. But last weekend, I went on the Shenandoah 500 here in VA. That's a two-day ride in the Blue Ridge Mtns. covering 300 mi. of fire roads and some paved roads. I'm pretty sure I was the least experienced person there, it was only my 3rd time going off-road. Well a lot of riders (guys), much more experienced than I crashed. So what does that mean? Most of the guys rode like bats out of hell and I guess they were riding beyond their capabilities. Or maybe the guys don't interpret crashing as a bad thing? I don't know. I think I'm definitely riding within my capabilities (i.e. limited) which means I go pretty slow. Probably didn't go above 30 mph on the fireroad straight-aways. I see lots of room for improvement. Mxchic's gauge, consistency, makes sense to me now. Whether my off-road technique improves to the point where I can do things well consistently seems like a good gauge.
  2. I try to remember to take mine off.
  3. Ok, thanks Firecracker. I'm going to suit-up in all my new gear this evening and find out if I can still ride the bike this way. I'm wondering what it'll be like shifting, the boots don't seem to flex very much.
  4. Stupid sounding question but... how can I tell if the chest protector fits right? I just bought one and all I know is small was too small and large was too big so, I got a medium. Is it just a matter of comfort or something more specific?
  5. You and your daughter are at a difficult crossroad. Obviously, I don't know your daughter but your comments and some comments of others seem to suggest she has no say about this. I was really headstrong at 16, when I was determined to see a guy no one could change my mind. When my folks tried to lay down the law, all it did was drive a wedge between me and them. Unfortunately, that set the tone for the next 10 years. Maybe your daughter is clever enough to recognize scumbag characteristics in that 25 yr old. Maybe she's clever enough to not be fooled by him. Maybe she's just ready to begin experiencing life a little bit. I agree with those who said you should try doing more things with your daugher, spending more time with her. Encourage her and help bolster her sense of self-worth. Make sure she knows she's a fine person, much better than scum. Make sure she knows she deserves a really good guy, when she's ready for that. Remember, she'll be the one deciding when she's ready.
  6. I just bought my first dualsport bike. Never done dirt-biking before. Bought a Yahama TW200 ( I know most riders here will think a 200 is way under-powered but I think it's a great bike to learn on. It has a real wide back tire which makes it very stable to ride and it doesn't sit real high so you've got a low center of gravity. I'm real intimidated by bikes that sit real high like my husband's DRZ400. My TW200 is fine for road riding or trails. Because it is only a 200 I don't plan to keep it forever. I'll want some more power once I get good at trail-riding and will probably sell it in a couple of years. Right now though, I'm loving this bike!
  7. I ride more conservatively than my husband does but dirt-biking is all new to me. I agree with the person who said it's more of a personality thing than a gender thing. Some girls/women are just as willing to take risks as the guys.
  8. I've got to find a retailer in my area and try on some of these boots to figure out what fits me best. Thanks for all the suggestions. I did find a site selling Alpinestar's boot designed for women. Here's the link: BTO Sports - Alpinestars Stella Boot
  9. I bought an 03 S in June. With the 3x3 mod and different sprockets, it is very capable off road. You get used to the weight. I love the bike. Shifts great. Starts evey time. plenty of power. Plenty of stuff available for it. In the dual sport world, it is a really great ride. I owned a Honda XL350 years ago. I met someone else riding a XL350. His license plate was REDPIG. We exchanged knowing nods. The 400S is no pig. Oops. This is BikeRider using the wife's PC. She still thinks the Triumph is hers. Ha.
  10. Hey Alaskan gurl, Those Alpinestar Tech 8s look good. Those are mens boots, right? How did you figure out what size to buy, do you go one size smaller in mens?
  11. Good for you, ticktock! I'm 40-something and I just learned to ride a street bike last year. Now I'm learning to ride dirt bikes. It's so fun! I never thought I'd be doing this. Life is full of surprises. Claire
  12. I'm new to dirt biking. Can anybody tell me what's a good dirt boot? I've got a big foot, I wear size 10 womens. This is strictly for trails and fire roads. Nothing fancy and I don't care for pink or white boots. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me! Claire
  13. I know what you're talking about. Had something similar happen at the first biking event we went to. The guys treated me like I had nothing to contribute and didn't even talk to me. It was weird.
  14. That's good to know. I'll check those out. I'm 5'9" with a 32-inch inseam. That's a lot of leg. Hate to be seen wearing high-waters!
  15. I just started riding a TW200. So far it seems great. It's got a pretty wide back tire and a 31-inch seat-height. It's easy to ride and keep upright.