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  1. joseb

    Largest Gear Bag

    I was looking at some of these, they don't look as strong as mx gear bags?? What i like about the mx bags are the xtra side pockets for goggles and such.
  2. I'm looking for a gear bag that can hold all my gear, including the leatt brace. I want to get something large so that i don't have to have two bags. Any ideas on a good large gear bag? Where is a good place to buy one at a good price? Thanks..
  3. joseb

    Chest Protectors With Leatt Brace?

    I have a sentinel too, no mods needed. Great fit with the Leatt!!
  4. The problem is a slow leak of radiator fluid under the water pump cover. I want to replace the gasket.. Do i have to drain the fluid out of the radiator? or can i put the bike on it's left side and remove the cover that way. For my son's yz 85
  5. joseb

    Sticky float???

    The bike was sitting for three day's. One thing a friend told me to do , is to tap on the bottom of the carb to get the float loose. Will this work, or is it better to just take it apart?
  6. joseb

    Question on Cardio Training

    That attitude is what sets riders apart from the average joe.. thumbs up!! I need some of that attitude to motivate me!! My dad always told me that if you are going to do something, do with 100% effort or don't do at all!! :thumbsup:
  7. joseb

    Sticky float???

    My son has an 85, yesterday we could not get the bike going. We figured out that the float in the carb was stuck. Took it apart, no dirt vissible, moved it around, put it back together and it ran great. Is this normal for a float to get stuck? What are the causes for this to happen?
  8. joseb

    ktm 50 sx jr is loud..

    Yeah, this bike is great for my kid. It's going to take some learning on my part, as well as my son's, to keep this bike in top shape. I took him riding and noticed that he was blipping the throttle , due to the new power.(Just came off a pw50). I immediatly told him that he had to keep the throttle open, so that the bike doesn't overheat. After about 20 min, he did just that and felt better on it. Thanks guy's for all your input.. The KTM site is a must, for owners of this bike.
  9. joseb

    Spark arrestor

    Which spark arrestor do you guy's use for a yz85? I will need one for getting into Gorman..
  10. joseb

    ktm 50 sx jr is loud..

    Why do you say that i will need alot about this bike?
  11. joseb

    ktm 50 sx jr is loud..

    Hey guy's, i'm new to KTM'S and just got a 50 sx jr for my son. This thing is so loud. Is it normal to have to make the engine sound like it's going to blow up before the bike moves? The bike is quick but it sound like the piston is going to shoot out of the bike.. Is this a normal fot this little bike? Can the throttle be adjusted so that it doesn't have to be reved so much before the bike starts to move? Which aftermarket pipe with a spark arrester is best for this bike?
  12. joseb

    Anyone try this?

    I'ts too bad someone can't ask a question without getting aholes who think they know everything. I have heard of pro's that have used training aids like this, but i guess you being in such great shape would never need something like this. What about all the other training videos out , are they all a waste of time? Oh , thanks for such great advice. If you don't have anything good to say, read and go on to the next topic..
  13. http://www.motoxfitness.com/mxffiles.html I was thinking about getting this program for my kids, as well as for myself. Has anyone used it or heard anything about it?
  14. joseb

    Fork Bleeders for yz85

    It's cool, nothing new for me.. I just got the fork bleeders and i'm glad i did. My son is 12 and can push on these without having to take the screw out. The screws were starting to get old anyway's. I was amazed to see that in one ride, the forks on this little bike had alot of air when bleeders were pushed. Some people were telling me that the little bikes don't get much pressure in the forks and not to mess with them. I spoke to i guy that i know who does suspension work, he said that all forks will build up pressure due to the heat build up in the shock no matter the size of the bike. He said that by doing the pressure release, the shocks will perform properly. It's just like the big bikes.
  15. That's my goal,to have my son experience something that will make him feel bigger than life.. A good experience goes a long way in the eyes of a child. If something goes wrong or he is feeling like he is being forced to do something he is not ready for, that bad experience will last forever. I still have great memories of my first rides as a kid on a red kawasaki 90. I'ts great to hear that these momories are still with you.