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    throwin' down some hot laps

    Are there any Gas Gas only forums out there?

    There's also some good stuff in KTMtalk's exotic section

    question on selling my 426!!

    Not to be a buzz kill or anything, but you will NEVER get $2700 out of your bike regardless of how much you put into it. It sucks, I know. I had a pristine 2002 426 with only 110 hours on the stock engine and everything was in excellent condition. Had it listed for $2200 and had to fight to get $2100. If I were you, I would just keep it because you will never recuperate the money you put into it. I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear. The Kelly blue book value for a 2000 yz426 using my area code is just under $2000. your going to have trouble convincing an average joe looking to buy a bike that it's worth more than that.

    Submerging Bike in River

    When I First got my 426, I accidentally flew in to a pond and summered the whole bike. It was running when it summered and I assumed it hydro locked. the next day I drained all of gas out of the tank and carb, replaced the air filter, and changed the oil. ran it for about 2 minutes, changed the oil and the filter. I did that 2 more times. That whole fiasco happened 4 years ago when the bike only had 10 hours on it.

    Beta recommendations? Which one? 400, 450 or 525?

    I don't have any experience with beta, but I've heard that they are pretty much KTM's with a rear linkage.

    What's the downside to an exotic compared to the big 5.

    I just bought a GasGas DE 250 about 3 weeks ago after selling my YZ 426. There is no GasGas specific dealer by me, but the local Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM dealer said that they would service it if it ever needed to be. All of the major parts can be ordered on-line and run about the same prices as the Japanese stuff. There are even some japanese brand parts that fit, like the brakes are the same as a 2001 CR or 2007 YZ. As to your original question if there is any downside to owning an "exotic", my answer is no. If you take good care of it (as you should with any bike), it will take care of you. The only thing that exotic bikes lack is in after market. I'm not saying that there is no after market, there just aren't a dozen companies that offer the same stuff, like exhausts or skid plates. I personally like owning an exotic bike after owning a bland Yamaha. I did an enduro a couple days ago and there were about 300 people that showed up. I would say that 95% of them were KTM's. I was the only GasGas. feels good to be different.

    Huge backfire then stall and no restart

    sounds like exactly what happened to my 426 the other day. Try changing the spark plug and see if that fixes it.

    426 engine knock

    The frequency of the knock is not fast enough to be piston/crank assembly. I can clearly hear the exhaust pluse and a knock that is about half of frequent which lead me to believe something with the valve train. I'll take off the cams again and see is I missed something.

    426 engine knock

    I went riding last week and noticed that the valve train was a little bit loud. Came home and checked the valve clearance and sure enough they were off. Adjusted the clearance, but being short on cash, I decided to sand down some older shims that were one size bigger than what I needed. I only did this for two shims. I checked the shims with a caliper to make sure they were flat. I put everything back together and fired her up. As soon as it started, there was a terrible knocking sound coming from what sounds like the valve train. It ran for about 2 seconds and then I killed it after hearing the knock. I took everything apart again and double checked my work. There was no scoring on the cam bearings or on the lobes, but I noticed the timing was off by one tooth on the intake cam. so I re adjusted the timing and put everything back together again. Fired it up and it did the same thing. I ran it long enough to try and figure out where the knocking is coming from and it sounded like it was coming from the right side of engine near the header. Any ideas to what the problem may be?
  9. I inflate my tires 2 psi over what the sticker in the door jam says and I notices a small increase in gas mileage without changing my driving habits. I calculated it over a months time and got 1 mpg better than the previous month. I also noticed my car handles a bit better. Turn in feels crisper than before.
  10. my 02' yz426 has over 100 hours and has only needed one valve adjustment. The engine is completely stock. I Took the head off at about 80 hours and everything looked brand new.

    Manual As Daily Drivers

    +12345 couldn't agree more

    Manual As Daily Drivers

    my daily driver is a stick. I drive it in Cincinnati everyday and the only time I regret not having an automatic is when it is total gridlock during rush hour or bad weather.

    Golden Spectro 4 Semi Synthetic ???

    Used it for the first 60 hours on my 426. the 20w-50 in the summer and 10w-40 in the fall. Didn't cause any problems for my clutch.

    Bark busters for Renthal Fat bar?

    My brother has Enduro Engineering hand guards on his fat bars and has yet to break anything, and all he does is bounce of trees. http://www.enduroeng.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=8000033A-1177528358

    1ST Test NEW BMW G450X!

    engine maintenance looks like it will be a pain with all off that stuff on top of the valve cover.