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    california tp3dxf Return to Duty

    So after about 5 years off the itch to ride came back. I picked up a Dual Sported 08 KLX 450R and It's time to ride again. Heading out Saturday for a shake down ride on the KLX in Gorman for the bike and myself. Nothing serious or fast. Just need to get some time on the dirt bike and get my head back into offroad action. If anyone is interested in a mellow Gorman ride let me know I usually stage in Sterling. My plan is to be there Saturday at 08:00 and ride from there.
  2. tp3dxf

    Saturday 3-31

    09:00 HV Sterling camp work for you?
  3. tp3dxf

    tp3dxf Return to Duty

    Welcome back. Pretty sure we rode together in LPNF long time ago. I took 6 years off and came back last year . Take it easy , some skills come back, some don’t Bigbob I remember the DR450 you tried to ride out in El Mirage. Early days.
  4. tp3dxf

    Saturday 3-31

    HV Sterling camp work for you?
  5. tp3dxf

    Saturday 3-31

    I'm getting back in the saddle again. HV or Rowher works for me. I'm in Santa Clarita I'd be interested in a ride.
  6. So took time off the dirt bikes after selling my 2009 Husky TE510. I then decided I wanted a new bike. Almost pulled the trigger on a 2012 WR 450 but had to have a plate. Looked at a used 2011 450 EXC but I wasn't feeling it. Wanted a 400 EXC but couldn't find one I liked. So I pulled the trigger on a 2014 350 EXC-F looking for a good handling woods bike with linear power light weight handling and something I didn't have to wrestle to much in the forest. I think the 350 EXC-F should accomplish this. Plan on breaking it in and then maybe after 600 miles getting a new exhaust and drop a tooth on the front plus the usual armor and probably a stabilizer. Need to do more research any advice on a good place to get aftermarket parts for KTM? Feels good to be back. The bike will probably never be this clean again almost hate to get it dirty.
  7. Anyone out there know if going from stock 14-45 gearing on my 2014 350 EXC-F to a 14-50 set up will work with the stock chain length? I plan on turning the axel blocks around. I'd like to not have to add links to the chain if not necessary. I'd like to try this gearing before trying 13-50.
  8. tp3dxf

    2003 KTM 525 MXC Impressions

    The biggest complaint I had with my 03MXC 525 was the strange gear box. In single track slow and go first gear was to tall not like the 525 I expected to much clutch required. But plenty fast on the top end. Strange set of internal gearing. Depends on what you plan on riding. Get the EXC that is all I can say. My MXC was just not as well rounded as the EXC.
  9. tp3dxf

    2014 350 EXC-F 14-50 gearing

    When you do post. I just got a 116 link chain and want to go 13-50 but I am probably gonna try the 14-50 to see how that is.
  10. tp3dxf

    2014 350 EXC-F 14-50 gearing

    So how did you like the gearing?
  11. tp3dxf

    2014 350 EXC-F 14-50 gearing

    Going to give the 13/49 a try. Totally forgot I even had a 49 new in the package. I'll see how it works. Thanks again.
  12. tp3dxf

    2014 350 EXC-F 14-50 gearing

    Sounds like if your 15/45 stock is close with the 13/48 a 14/50 is probably out of the question with the stock chain on the 350. Thanks man. Guess I'll try the 13/50 combo.
  13. tp3dxf

    2014 350 EXC-F 14-50 gearing

    Thanks for the reply KTMPete. But I want to be clear here. My 14 350 EXC-F came with 14-45 gearing. My concerne here is that the 500 has to start with a longer chain being it's running a 15/45 stock vs the 14/45 that is stock on my 350. Or at least I'd think it would. What do you think?
  14. tp3dxf

    2014 350 EXC-F 14-50 gearing

    Thanks for the info. How do you like the 13-48 compared to stock. Also what was stock on your bike.
  15. Great thread. I just installed a GPR V4 on my 2014 KTM 350 EXC-F last night. Now I get why they included the longer bolts and spacers. Thanks!!! Back to the garage to install them and really take a good look at the wires. Excellent info!!
  16. Looks good!! I have a Sicass racing rear underfender and flush mount rear LED's and low profile front LED's to mount. Fan, rad guards, and Cycra full wrap hand guards on the way. What kind of set up are you using for your mirror? Looks like some kind of RAM mount?
  17. Yes they were Not done yet but I suspect 75
  18. Anyone have mapping info. Looking open the exhaust soon. Maybe make a move on the emissions. I hear it doesn't take much. Thanks.........
  19. Did a few mods today. Quick release skid plate and GPR V4 stabilizer. Fixed that stupid kick stand finally. Still putting on some hours before installing the Pro Moto Billet Exhaust. Then open up the bike. Any tips are welcome. Oil change by Sunday then do the gearing going 13-50 any thoughts? And finally a regular kick stand.
  20. Thanks good info on the gearing. I was looking for that info.
  21. tp3dxf

    New Toy....2013 450 xc-w

    Nice just brought home my 2014 350 EXC-F today. Got any pics of the skid plate I am looking for one now.
  22. tp3dxf

    TE 310 Tail Mods

    Finally got around to installing my Sicass Racing Husky Led tail light set up on my 09 TE 510 much cleaner now. All that is left to do is install the plate.
  23. tp3dxf

    Finally finished my '11 TE310

    Where did you order the frame protectors from?
  24. tp3dxf

    TE449 oversized tank

    Can't help with the tank issue your having with the 449/511. But I got a good deal on a 09 TE 510 here http://www.tri-countypowersports.com/ Give them a call it can't hurt. I was able to install a Scotts underbar stabilizer on the bike with the IMS 3 gallon tank. Took some heat gun work and patience but it's worked fine. One thing I don't understand is why new offroad bikes these days don't come with big tanks? Not just Husky but all of them. I feel a 3 gallon tank should be the standard for offroad bikes.
  25. tp3dxf

    2004 KYB forks Yamaha interchange

    I have a set of 04's in great condition PM me if interested. They came off a 02 YZ 250 I changed them out for a set of 06 forks. They were worked over by NOST suspension. Good stuff. Couple of pics of them on the bike.