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    Hmmm... hard one that... trail riding and off road foolery. Airguns
  1. Wobbley Rod

    WR450F (04) radiator guards

    Thanks all order going in tomorrow (once I check out my friends guards more closely) TTFN Rod
  2. Wobbley Rod

    WR450F (04) radiator guards

    So folks... Is there a preference out there for UNABIKER or FLATLANDER gaurds? Both look good and are $20 apart so which should I go for do you recon? I'm after protection more than looks. Thanks in advance, Rod
  3. Wobbley Rod

    WR450F (04) radiator guards

    today I went out for the first time on my WR450F. Very impressive apart from one thing... I had low speed get-off leaving the bike sliding to a halt after about 15 feet or so . Now the XR would just shrug that kinda nonsense off but the Yam didn't fare so well. The left shroud pressed on to the radiator and twisted it into a nice helical pattern (REMEMBER this was a light fall at <20mph!) On lifting the bike and thumbing the started it became apparent all was not well My bike had decided to do a fetching impression of a water fountain. At the fwd top edge of the rad. I now had a small tear (and a tear in my eye £££ ) From the tear water was now spurting. Any way by pushing the rad back I closed the tear enough to continue. Now I need to weld the rad or get a new one. However if it is this delicate I'm not going off road again until I get the bike some protection! SO ... QUESTION... Which Radiator braces / protectors might you recommend? A friend of mine has some "FLATLAND" Racing Guards on a CRF and is very impressed with them... What do you lot think? He previously had Dervol (?) and thought the were CR.... ahem, Not quite what he wanted. So he BINNED THEM! What are the alternatives? Are they available in the UK? My mate imported from the USA and got stung for import tax ... LOL But If that is the price I need to pay for piece of mind I will import also. Thanks in advance folks Rod (more Wobbly than usual today) Oh I also hurt my thumb!
  4. Wobbley Rod


    High all. recently I have bought a WR450F in place of a XR400 and was searching for info (as you do) and I came accross this site. Not sure whether it has been mentioned before but I thought it may prove usefull to others. There are other off-roaders on there but mainly road bikes. I found it most useful all the best, Rod http://www.sportbikes.com/wwwthreads/showflat.php?Number=868689