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  1. FreaK244

    Anyone around Sonora?

    Try dogtown in coulterville.
  2. FreaK244

    Anyone Riding This Week?

    I'm up for Friday. I went to deer creek on Sat and it was awesome, had a great long ride.
  3. FreaK244

    Modesto area

    Deer Creek is worth the drive. I have been to all those places and yes its worth it, but you have to explore for sure. Two days in a row there would be cool. Shit I wish I could sho you around. There are some tricky spots fun fun.
  4. FreaK244

    Modesto area

    I'm from Modesto as well and went to PIPI yesterday and last Monday. Twaine Hart and Dogtown in Coulterville arer your close rides. Twaine Hart is better with Dogtown next. I will post up when I go for now on so look at the forum. Its getting hot so I will not ride much but a little. I'm thinking about this Sunday at PIPI again. Maybe Georgetown. -Mike
  5. FreaK244

    Elkins 6/12 Monday? Anyone? Maybe PIPI?

    Friday is cool, I'm off. PM sent
  6. FreaK244

    Elkins 6/12 Monday? Anyone? Maybe PIPI?

    Maybe, I could always take a day off work..
  7. Elkins 6/12 Monday? Anyone? Maybe PIPI? Even Twaine Hart? Just looking for someone to ride with Monday...
  8. FreaK244

    tuesday ride 5/2 Deer Creek!

    Hey Sub we had a good ride at Dogtown yesterday. I'm in for a weekend ride ar Deer Creek this weekend if yor down. I will post up later in the week if I go.
  9. FreaK244


    There are a few more ways to go that are a lot better. You would need a two wheel though. Went to deer Creek thursday and had a great ride. pictures of both places soon.
  10. FreaK244

    Anyone up for Dogtown or Deer Creek 2/8?

    Will be at the Dogtown staging area at 10am. Should be a great day. If anyone wants to show up thats great. 209-968-8382 cell, give me a call in the morning if you need directions... -Mike
  11. FreaK244

    Elkins Flat conditions

    Been riding Deer Creek and Dogtown for the last two months and want to get in a ride at Elkins Flat. Am I to late? If anyone can give me the heads up on the conditions there that would be great. Don't want to ride in to much snow. Thanks -Mike
  12. FreaK244


    I have been there twice in the last two weeks and love it. There really are some hard trails if you know where they are. The guys I ride with know the place well. Last week we made it all the way to the river and then some. I had a tuff time climbing out of the revine though. Monday I didn't want to go to the river, it was just to slick. There are a bunch of mines to explore if you bring a light. I will ask the wife if I can go this weekend, and will post up if I go. -Mike
  13. FreaK244

    Who's been to Elkins Flat?

    If you want to ride some technical stuff go to Deer Creek. I was slipping and sliding all day Monday.. Tuff Stuff..
  14. FreaK244

    Deer Creek Monday?

    We are headed to Dogtown instead. If you guys want to meet up my cell # is 2099688382. We are off to a late start so you may have time... -Mike