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  1. revver

    Great News For Soon to be Owners!

  2. Qadsan, You seem well versed on the topic, so what do you think about running rotella t as far as ash content/buildup? What oil do you use? Thanks
  3. revver

    Dual Exhaust

    Funny thing is, I doubt the factory will have any trouble passing these dual piped bikes on to those who have to have the latest and greatest, and actually believe this will make them noticably faster.
  4. revver

    Great News For Soon to be Owners!

    Edited: So did you're buddy tell you when we'll see the 450's?
  5. Hello All, My first post on this site is a cry for help, pitiful I know. What I need is a set of handlebar clamps that will fit a 2001 cr250. I've been out of the saddle for quite some time now due to a bad wrist dislocation, and I want my bike to be ready as soon as I am. Thanks for your help. p.s. Sorry if i should have posted this in the classifieds, but i didn't see any wtb ads in that forum, so i figured I should post it here.