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  1. Deucedoom

    Thanks to Heckler

    After 125 hours my X finally needed to be shimmed. She was getting hard to start when cold and the right intake was at zero. Heckler's post with photos on how to check and shim made it easy. I have ridden and worked on 2 strokes before however the X was my first thumper. I was hesitant about the process but I must say it was very simple. It took less than an hour and now she fires right up. It does appear a valve job will be in order soon so I will be searching the forum for the best option. Thanks again Heckler for the info...
  2. Deucedoom

    For those of you with a Dr. D...

    Hey 40oz, I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing this. The Dr. D is the exhaust I had decided to purchase, however if this is an issue I might re-consider. Has it happened again since you first noticed the problem?
  3. Deucedoom

    Front Wheel Drag

    I replaced my front tire on my 250x today. When I replaced the wheel and tightened the axle and pinch bolts to spec the wheel felt like it was not turning freely. Is the wheel suppose to feel a little sluggish or should it spin very free? I greased the axel before re-installation. The bike only has about 300 miles on it so the bearings should be fine. Anybody else ever experience this before?
  4. Deucedoom

    Suspension Work

    Was wondering if anyone has had any suspension work done by Factory Connection or Works Enduro Rider WER. I have checked into both and they are about the same cost. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks...
  5. Deucedoom

    Tires, Tires, Tires

    I have read that many of you are running S-12 rears and M-12 fronts. I was wondering why? I had a KTM 200 that I ran S-12's on the front and rear and that seemed to work. Is there an advantage to running the M-12 front? I ride mainly eastern conditions(soft to int. terrain, mud, roots, and rocks). I'm looking for a rear tire that loves to hook-up and a front that likes to stay planted. I read some threads about the trials tires but I'm not sure I'm ready to go there. When I order my new set of tires I might also order a rear trials just to see if it is as good as everyone says. Thanks for the info...
  6. Deucedoom

    Pipe for X

    Thanks Jeff, I'm still trying to find info. When I contact the exhaust manufactures it seems all they are trying to do it sell me the most they can. That's why I'm trying to get real life results on TT. I've even contacted some more than once and get a totally different set up recommendation. Anybody else have info for the x?
  7. Deucedoom

    yz250f compared to a ktm 200

    I went from a 200exc to a Honda CRF250x. The power on these 2 bikes is totally different. The 200 had a strong hit to it that would get me into trouble at times. Overall it was a fantastic bike and I might go back to another 200. My 4 banger's power curve is so smooth compared to the 200. I do struggle on big hills because of the power(lack thereof). The bike is so much easier to ride for an entire afternoon. I would be worn out after riding the KTM for the day but the F just does not have that effect. I don't know if I'm faster on the F or the EXC but I do know that the 200 is fun and exciting to ride where my 250x is fun but not as much work. Hope that helps...
  8. Deucedoom

    Pipe for X

    Thanks sscbarber, I will give that a look.
  9. Deucedoom

    Pipe for X

    Thanks for the info. It seems upgrading to an aftermarket pipe might not be the answer. I looked at Rick Ramsey's info about drilling out the stock pipe. I might try that first and see what difference that makes.
  10. Deucedoom

    Pipe for X

    Before I get smoked for asking--yes I have tried to search out an answer to my question but with no success. I am wanting to open up my air box and replace my stock pipe. The reason is I am trying to achieve a little more low to mid power with the bike. Everything I have been reading regarding pipes for the X (reviews in mags and threads here) have dealt with pipes made for keeping the db levels as low as possible (Fmf Q, Pro Circuit 496). The area I ride this is not an issue. Has anyone had experience with pipes like FMF's 4, Pro Circuit's 4.1, Big Gun's EVO X, Dr.D's or others that are similar? Maybe this isn't the solution to what I am looking for but now that I have the bike's jetting and suspension taken care of I would like a little more low end umph. In the past with my other bikes more air in and out is where I started. Thanks for the help...
  11. Deucedoom

    CRF250X skid plate

    E-line works great. I had one on my KTM 200 and now on my 250X. Great fit and finish. Mike at Afterburnermx is great with service and price when purchasing anything for your bike. Just call and find out, better deals if you call. www.afterburnermx.com--866.339.6969
  12. Deucedoom

    off roading in daniel boone nat. park or close?

    You can ride S-Tree & Turkey Foot in McKee (Jackson Co.) or Cave Run which is close to Morehead KY. They are both in the Daniel Boone National Forrest. Also Red Bird is a great place to ride. It is south on I-75 around the London-Corbin area. About 45 minutes off of the interstate. Red Bird is approx. 80 miles of trails, S-Tree/Turkey Foot is about 25 miles--we usually run it down and back for 50 miles. Cave Run is a series of shorter trails 1 to 3 miles in length. Good for an afternoon. Hope this helps. I'm not riding this weekend or I would meet you somewhere. I know there is a hare scramble at Eagle Creek on Sunday at 11. You will hear mixed reviews about the condition and participation but I always enjoy riding EC.
  13. Deucedoom

    Hand Guards for 250X, Suggestions?

    Enduro Engineering work great and are an easy install.
  14. Deucedoom

    Upper Michigan Ride Pics

    Great photos. A good friend of mine grew up in that area and has told me it was great for riding. He is not into bikes but I'm still trying.
  15. Deucedoom

    250X any good for jumping

    It depends what you intend on jumping. The suspension on the X is soft. I jump creeks, gullies, small tabletops with no problem. I'm talking maybe 8 to 10 feet off of the ground. G-outs can sometimes hurt depending on the size. I don't think I would want to take this and do any serious mx. If so I think you would need much stiffer suspension. I rarely ride on any tracks. The ones I do ride are very tame. I'm sure you will get the info you are looking for because there is a wealth of knowledge on this forum.