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    husaberg 650fe

    Yes it's the same bike that you've tried. I know it has a lot of power, it's an awesome bike. But I'm not quite sure it's the perfect bike for me. I dont have a lot of mechanical skill so I may go for something that doesn't required too much maintenance. But Your right it does have a lot of power.
  2. Mine

    husaberg 650fe

    anybody else???Please
  3. Mine

    ktm 640 or 625

    Hey thank you!!! That answer to all my question
  4. Mine

    ktm 640 or 625

    ok lets see if I understand that. The 625 and the¨640¨makes the same power or will after a simple carb modification. which is way more than it said on the KTM web site!!!did I get that right Thanks
  5. Mine

    husaberg 650fe

    OK I should have been more clear, by the other I mean mostly KTM 625smc and 640LC4 .I dont know much about Husaberg it was the first time I saw one and man I like it this bike is awesome but I'd like to know more about it prior to buying it.Thanks
  6. Hi everyone. I was looking to get a 06 ktm LC4 640 but I lived in Canada and those are not available so now I looking for the 625 sm. I was looking on the KTM website and it seams like there is a big power difference between those 2 bikes. it said that the 625 has only 25 hp and 40 lbs torques which is far less than the 40hp and 60 lbs of torques of the LC4, is there any mistake??? what do you guys think of the 625 I have a drz 400 and I REALY need more power I'm 6'5 and 220 lbs. I would realy like the 640 but I quest I will have to go for the 625.
  7. Mine

    husaberg 650fe

    Hi everyone, I've the opportunity to buy a 2005 Husaberg 650fe I know it's a great bike with a lot of power and it's realy what I've been looking for. The only thing that make me wonder it's the maintenance. I heard that those bike need more maintenance than the other. so what do you guys think. If I dont buy that bike I will buy a KTM625 sm Thanks
  8. Mine

    supermotard wheels

    Hi Everyone, I've just discover this Forum and spend a lot of time on it. I have a KLX 400 04 with a wosh full system jet and air filter. Now I'm looking to got to the dark side (like you guys called it) so I'd like to know what kind of wheels will fit on my bike. I've been looking for those for a while and I dont think I cant afford a set of new so I'm looking for used one. Will those from a crf450 or yz450 fit??? Which one will be the easyest to put on my bike Thanks