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  1. The WR in front

    WR Street Legal Q

    Im in California and my 03 WR cant be licensed damit!!!!! No Question at all the WR is the way to go, it is the best bike for all terrain no matter what you thorw at it. It takes a rookie rider and makes him be able to keep up with well almost the best... If you can dual sport your O3 send me a email to let me know how much you need to let me register my bike to your address lol just kiddin unless your down with it....lol...No worries...If you buy a WR you wont be let down no matter what.
  2. The WR in front

    Ocotillo 10/14 and !0/15

    Yea oops brain fart I assume everyone think as retarted as me. Ocotillo Wells, at the base of blow sands and near the ranger station. Im sure you know the area, should be a crazy weekend out there.
  3. The WR in front

    Superstition for T-day

    This is my territory I love riding here, you can go from hard pack to wash outs to the beautyful dunes. The bombing range is very cool but you need to really look around before you approach it we have been shooshed away by some pretty gnarley F-18 Hornets and F-16's bout 30ft above our heads, let me tell you Ive never been so close to losing all control of my bodily functions if you know what I mean. They also have some Hummers that will come out if you dont leave. But all that aside we have many awsome treasures from this place, not to mention the huge tank that they put in the middle of the range to target, you can climb all over this beast. Any who I recommend it heavily go enjoy some very high speed rides with some sick dunes.
  4. The WR in front

    Ocotillo 10/14 and !0/15

    It's SEASON TIME were goin to OCOTILLO friday night till sunday, with the other thousands of nuts making up what we call the dirt hwy in the dust bowl. Any one who needs some riding buddies we have them we are a group of like 5-8 who will be there on main street watching the crazys. We will be doing lots of riding sat. am and afternoon and sun. am. If anyone wants to join our camp not a prob. just let me know and we can talk more bout where to meet. REMEMBER IT'S SEASON TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE-DRESS FOR THE CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The WR in front

    Baja Princess

    No Question, YAMAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The WR in front

    Vail Lake

    Ive been out there many times but not riding, ive seen those trails runnning everywhere like everyone is riding around there. havnt seen any bikes tho so it is good to hear you did. we need more reports of riding there so we can go enjoy some safety in numbers huh.
  7. The WR in front

    Any red sticker friendly riding areas in So Cal

    Actually not a bad price I would of thought it would have been much more.
  8. The WR in front

    So. Cal Rider Hook Up Post Ur City....

    Rancho Bernardo (San Diego) Always Riding!!!!!
  9. The WR in front

    Basics of riding Baja.

    Well very mixed opinions on BAJA huh, not surprised you either havnt had a bad experience there or havnt had one yet. lol just kiddin, Ive been on many trips riding all over BAJA and havnt had any probs. only one would be some guys with us ran a stop sign and had to pay a $40 ticket on the spot, I guess they didnt think they would come back down for there court date lol. For the most part if you have nothing to hide and arent doing something stupid go for it someone who speaks the language would definatley help and someone who has been there before would be most valuable. Have lots of fun!!!!!!
  10. The WR in front

    What's the real truth about riding in SD???

    Whats up Kevin im Robbie im in san diego too but I ride a 03wr450f redsticker. I hate the red sticker it really limits me alot. any way the season opens oct. 15th and me and a group of like 4 to 10 will be goin for it everyweekend we can. My brother has a new DRZ 400 DS also and lives in el cajon too he rides all the time. This winter we will also be all over Baja if your interested at all let me know and we will get in touch.
  11. The WR in front

    Should i buy a wr450f

    Well I have the 03 and she has never let me down, and I have only let her go down like twice. This bike for me is bulletproof in the mountains, deserts, beaches, and even those scary out of country adventures. Maybee im lucky or maybee they dont make them like they usto...lol doubt it tho.. Listen I started on a 86 IT 200, blew the cylender and went out and got the first WR 450 in the San Diego area in 03. The difference from the 200 will literaly throw you right on your A$$, but now I lead the packs and enjoy smokin the oldys. The WR450f to me is the best trail attack vehicle on the planet not top heavy or sloppy, this baby flys and most of the time I dont even feel what im flying over. When in doubt floor it.....
  12. The WR in front

    Yamaha WR/YZ Frame Paint PPG

    I got the same exact info from Color-rite.com but I thought you could buy it directly from them with the info you already have somethin like $15 bucks for a nail polish sized bottle. Perfect for those pesky little scratches. Any way be sure to let us know how it goes.