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  1. Raistlin 12

    43.5 fcr taper bored carb

    here are some pics I just took: The part where you can see a little of the tag that says" Baldwin Racing " is the adapter. It is currently still on my quad, that's why the pics are a little hard to see. It is hooked up to my ESR intake, and the Head.
  2. had this bored by Sredrum last year. I used it roughly 8 times last summer at Silver Lake. I originally paid 350.00 for the carb, plus 225.00 to have it bored and main air bleed tapped. This is currently on my quad, but it is mint. My quad is basically just a drag only quad anymore, so this carb has never seen water or mud. Only reason for selling is I have to go with a bigger size to accommodate my new build. I will take 400 shipped for it. Comes with the adapter already on it. Paypal is precisionexteriors@hotmail.com Email is the same as well.
  3. Raistlin 12

    05 450R build up

    I did a project like that. All of the small parts you need really add up over time. But, it's fun to see it come together though.
  4. Raistlin 12

    trx 450 / crf 450 carb

    hey brad, this is brad and if you go to nossmachine.com they have the adapter for 65.00 if i next day air it would be here tuesday. let me know if that guy can make the part and have it for monday. if not, maybe we can order this part from them. thanks, brad
  5. Raistlin 12

    TRX450R Top Speed?

    gps on mine is 75.8 with slip on, re jetted carb, and open air box. on my other r top speed is 74.9 with same exhaust, a little lower main jet, and k and n filter instead of a uni, and half of a lid on air box.