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  1. XCIowa

    Keithsburg Christmas weekend

    Is anyone going this week? I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, thinking about heading over.
  2. XCIowa

    Keithsburg Christmas weekend

    Me and a buddy are heading over today around 1 if any of you guys can make it.
  3. XCIowa

    200sx pipe

    I second that! I had an FMF fatty on my 03 200SX, no question it's the best pipe out there.
  4. XCIowa

    2006/2007 leaking gas cap issue?

    The X-rings will eventually leak too, it's a total crock that KTM hasn't stepped up and recalled every tank with a permanent fix. I guess they are waiting for the lawsuits to roll in before they do anything about it.
  5. XCIowa

    SAT. K-burg ride??? 12-16

    I can't make it until at least 1pm, I'm taking the kids to see Santa in the morning.
  6. XCIowa

    WFO/Rekluse banquet tonight

    I almost went to this banquet just to meet some of you guys. Sounds like I missed a good time. Are any of you guys going to the District 17 or District 22 banquets?
  7. XCIowa

    Keithsburg Saturday 12/9?

    The weather is supposed to be in the 40's. I just picked up my 07, need to break it in.
  8. XCIowa

    suspention help for Iowan?

    I've had work done at Hickman racing, they're good.
  9. XCIowa

    any body selling 250 2stroke??

    My brother in Wisconsin has a 2004 CR250 for sale if you are interested. He would never trade for a 250F though.
  10. XCIowa

    Sunday in Keithsburg

    I just might make it down there Sunday, what time will you guys be there?
  11. XCIowa

    07 250XC or XC-W or SX??

    Layton, just because he's an A rider doesn't mean he knows the difference between KTM models. He's probably coming from the inferior Jap bikes, you should be welcoming him here with open arms.
  12. I tore up my knee earlier this year and haven't been racing, just watching, hoping to be rehabbed by next year.
  13. XCIowa

    trailer accessories

    Sounds like something a quad rider would say.
  14. At the race in Geneseo Sunday Whipple was telling the riders about that, they are going to sound test next year in IL which I think was great. I heard a bunch of idiots booing when he said that. I hope they do start testing EVERYWHERE and these idiot 4 stroke riders with aftermarket pipes start getting the hint.