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  1. not yet just bootcamp and infantry training right now but i am pretty sure ill be doing some time over there. Thanks!
  2. shit man im sellin mine! gotta get rid of it cuz im leavin for the army!
  3. lol thanks man! Keep riding it will all come with practice:ride:
  4. yeah its a blast. the whole track is amazing!
  5. Just thought I'd Throw them up before i leave for bootcamp! Ft. Benning Infantry training!
  6. Yeah after I go thru bootcamp and get some money saved up to buy a nice new shiny bike like yours ill show you how its done next season! lol. pretty damn sick tho!
  7. what a dick!
  8. yeah yeah yeah you may be better dressed than me and have a nicer newer bike little bro but i can still beat ur ass on the track:moon: lol