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  1. Grey wire out today. Ready to rip. took a little while to figure out how to get it out ..... glad I didnt rip it out ...nearly did. whew. UNPLUGGED !!!
  2. The removal of the AIS device was easy (This is the GYTR AIS removal kit that you buy from your Yamaha Dealer). Removing of the AIS prevents any unnecessary popping that one may encounter on decel is what I have been told. I guess the logic here is so when you do rejet you can actually here what is happening as opposed to induced popping by a smog device. So removal is more of getting rid of the baggage than a performance gain. The needle and jets that come with the kit is where you will feel the gains. Along with the removal of Air box top insert and the inner baffle per the instuctions. So what you are doing is letting the bike breathe better and rejjeting for that. The hard part is access to the carb which requires at the least the removal of tank, seat, muffler and subframe. Is it woth it ? You bet !! Feels and sounds so much better. This is the best way to get to know your bike. Will be easier the next time should I need to rejet.
  3. The AIS is the air induction system put on bikes in the us to pass the EPA or smog regulations. Possibly bikes going to your destination dont have these devices on them saving you the time of removal.
  4. which side of the connector or does it even matter ? with all those mods done at once it must be hard to attribute the gains to any one thing. I guess in Northern California I may be able to get away with a 90 leak year round ? But boy it was quite a pain to get to the carb. After removing seat and tank I just unbolted and moved the subframe back a little and was then able to wiggle the carb back and forth to rejet (both needle and main,leak,fuel screw). Did not want to deal with removing the shock per the GYTR instructions.
  5. Took me a whole day to remove the AIS, remove the air box snorkel, install new jets from GYTR and a pro moto billet silent insert. The new jets included are a 165 main and a 90 leak. After reading through the jetting section I was concerned about how the bike would feel after completion. To my surprise the throttle seems very responsive. Was only able to ride the bike a few blocks but could tell that it was a big improvement to ths stock. Did not notice any of the bog people have complained about and the need to move to a richer leak (#40). I will need to do a full ride for a better review. I have not yet cut the grey wire. I have mixed feeback on just how beneficial cutting the wire is. The majority of the peole here claim by its magic however I have heard that the performance gain is marginal but just allows for a slightly higher gain in rpm and is more suited for use with YZ cams. Any feedback on the grey wire would be apprpeciated.
  6. I have called pro moto billet about the WR silent insert. They have not got a hold of an 07 WR250 to compare the muffler to the 06's so dont know if they will work properly. Anybody know if the 06 and 07 stingers from the WR are the exact same shape. I have read that there are few people already using the 06s but is this an exact fit ? Or will they be coming out with a new 07 size ?
  7. eramsey

    Leak jet kit

    let me know when you find out. have you decided to buy his kit. if so why. and did you even consider the GYTR jetting from the AIS kit.
  8. I had a good response from "burned" the infamous Eddie when I placed this thread on the jetting forum. see the link below. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=433937
  9. so you are basicly saying that the GYTR kit with smaller jets makes sense. Eddie one more question please ..... do you think triple taper needles are more effective than regualr dual taper needles .... what are the benefits ?
  10. Eddie in simple laymans terms what does this mean ?
  11. Thanks alot Eddie ! Wondering if you can compare the GYTR jetting kit to JD's custom needles. With your experience on TT have you heard of good results with the stock GYTR AIS settings or do most migrate over to JD's stuff. I think we need to stick to the latter models (ie 06/07) if possible. However it is obvious that the majority of the JD kits have been on older models with much richer jet settings. Newer bikes are running with leaner specs. Yours and anyone's response is much appreciated. My goal is with the free mods to get a better running bike while keeping it as simple as psooible. Thanks.
  12. what is more disturbing is that their are some dealer service departments who dont question the kit and believe that you should put in all the parts that come with the kit. I know because I have been calling around for advice. I think I read somewhere on TT that another new 07 250 was having problems after having the dealer install the kit. I am thinking after letting the bike breathe more with CC mods that a larger main (178), maybe richen the stock needle one clip should be a good start. Was thinking about a JD needle but have heard some bad about its performance (ie alot of popping). Any expert tuners on hand who knows the better setup your advice is greatly appreciated. Live in Northern CA so sea level to 3000 feet with moderate climate 50f to 70f.
  13. I have ordered the new GYTR AIS removal kit for my 07 WR250F. Installation instructions that I got faxed from Yamaha as usual include removing the Air box snorkel, exhaust restrictor (in baffle) and grey wire. And to change the needle, main jet and leak jet. My question is why are the main jet and leak jet provided in this kit leaner than stock ? Stock jets are main: 170. Leak: 70. The kit comes with main: 165 (06 kit does not require a change) and Bleed(leak): 90. Now why are they suggesting these leaner settings. I thought when you open up the air box and get more air circulating, it creates a leaner condition than stock thus requiring richer jetting to compensate for the change. Which also makes me a little cautious for the needle provided. Is it leaner to ? Or are these parts included as extra's for higher elevation settings. Anybody well versed with GYTR and/or jetting, your help is needed here.
  14. the 06 kit doesnt change the main jet to a 165