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  1. Considering getting some radiator braces for my 01 Wr250. Mate dropped his bike and buggered a radiator in the first 4 weeks. Whats everyones opionion? Are they worth it - go for braces or a full guard/brace combo? Which manufacturer? Cheers Zeb
  2. Just got into a 2001 Wr250. I have noticed that the kickstart lever, travels all the way down until the foot peg stops it. Is this normal? I am guessing sooner or later the lever will wear down? Thoughts?
  3. Just a followup - Took the bike in today to a local bike bloke that came well recommended (turned out we went to school togeather) Anyway, the inlet valves were at the loose end of spec and the two exhaust valves were tight, .20mm being the biggest shim change. In his opionion the valves had never been shimmed before. (3800km) If they needed anymore adjustment he would have replaced them. When I suggested that perhaps we should replace the valves as a precaution, he advised a waste of money - they may do thousands of more km's before neededing to be done. When i asked about the risk of snapping valves etc, he said very unlikly. (given that I am not racing the bike and redlining the old girl!) Great- when should I have them checked again ?- "when she stops" was the reply, just ride it until it stops - then we will replace the lot"!! Basically once it gets hard to start. I am thinking another 1200km or so and U will get them checked again. Interested on your thoughts on the above?
  4. Recently picked up a 6/01 Wrf250. When i was talking to a local mechanic today he advised me to stay clear (bit late)of the early kickstart wrf250's - 01/02's as they are notorious for dropping (actually snapping in the middle) the fifth valve - and a huge repair bill follows. Apparently never seen it in the electric start? Is this true, is this common? The bike seems fine - has 3800km on the dial and appears to have a new engine block and purrs along nicly. Should I be worried - should I be changing valves and springs - just in case. Some one set me straight!! Losing sleep!
  5. Tryied oiling it up - seems to stick on. I fit vibrates off i will pop a whole in it. thanks lads.
  6. No havent been oiling them up - is that what you are supposed to do? When you wrap them over the filter do you tuck them in between the airfilter and filter box (normally where you would have a grease seal? Thanks
  7. Decided to try some filter skins on the wr250. I cant keep them on!! Am i susposed to fit them over the filter before installing? Which means i woukd need to make a small whole in them to take the middle bolt? Got me confused!
  8. Just got myself a 2001 wrf250. Surprised at a single layer foam filter? Should I keep it - or do you recommend replace it? Replace with what?
  9. Recently picked up a wr250f 2001, with Vortex ignition. Any one have some instructions or guide on how to use these things? Are they any good? Any help appreciated!! I have no idea! __________________ 2001 Wr250F.. vroom vroom 2000 Xr250..... putt putt....
  10. Folks, Anyone point me to an online parts cataloge for the wr250f's. I had a link for a honda xr oem - listed all the parts etc right down to the smallest screws?
  11. Ok - dumbest question for the day - was looking over a 2001 wr250 today - where is the air cleaner - is it in the same location as the later models? left hand side, 3 spring clips pops open? I couldnt find the spring clips to pop it open.???
  12. Looking at selling my 2000 Xr250 and moving into a wrf250. The budegt will keep me limited to a 01 to 03 model. Would appreciate any buying tips, what to look out for, how to tell if the motor is tired etc. Any help much appreciated.
  13. Wondering what is considered enough play to warrant replacing front and back wheel bearings on my Xr250. If I grab the wheel top an bottom and try to twist side to side - there is just a fraction of movement - just enough to notice there is movement. I am guessing they probably dont need replacing just yet. What are everyones thoughts?
  14. Folks , I have a 2000 XR 250. I need some guidance on front shock asborber adjustment. At the bottom of each front shock absorber is an adjustment screw to make them harder and softer. Mine are currently set in the middle -which is 8 clicks. (There are 16 clicks from full in to full out) . Where is best to have them ??? (I weigh 75kg) and ride alot of forest tracks /trails) A few people have said make them hard.....) like three clicks out? Thoughts?
  15. Some thoughts on the following? Have an Xr250 2000. I bought it at 6000km, at which time we put in a new cam chanin and rings. 2000km later the head gasket was leaking (stripped thread), so had it pulled down. the cam chain had realyl strectched, and one of the rings and become imbedded slightly. So new set of rings, and cam chain, nothing else obvious wrong. Oil changed every 700km, new filter as well (Castrol GPS) Any ideas why a cam chain would stretch so fast? Rings - well bit of dirt or something. But also why a glazed bore??. About the only think I have done to the bike was drill out the baffle, to get a bit more omphh, after which we changed the main jet, always runs sweet. Any ideas? Would changing the jet cause the engine to run to hot or something that may cause a glazed cylinder??