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  1. thanks again i got them from here in the uk
  2. thanks JSanfilippo are the seats diferent aswell ?
  3. hi all just purchased a doxo racing bad to the bone graphics kit inc seat cover for my 2005 wr450 but on the pack it says 2005 yz450 the man at the shop said they are the same but they dont match up on my bike tank and rad shroud not quite right can somebody help me please thanks in advance.
  4. thanks mutu
  5. hi there hope somebody can help i have a wr450f 2005 and would like to know if a white bro`s f-2 exhaust from a 2003 wr250 for sale on ebay will fit my bike he says the diameter of the inside of the connecting pipe is just a mm over 1.5", please help me . p.s great site the forums have helped me loads thanks hairball.
  6. ive put 168 main in and 3 turns out on pilot for now seems ok but booked dyno for next week thanks
  7. hi there not sure but live in the middle of uk leicestershire if this helps
  8. hi there 03 wr450 just put full Akrapovic system on front pipe seams hot as f@#k and if you blip throttle hard from tick over it bogs and stops engine i live in uk so any advice on main jet and such would help ive looked through all the posts and read all the stuff but all i can work out is I'm too lean and need to swap main jet any simple help please thanks