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  1. hawkce541

    Sweet Goat Trail

    That's sick. Just watching it made me want to puke. I could see myself going ass over tea kettle down that cliff.
  2. What pricks. I can't believe the AMA is going to pull his pro license if he tries another one. That's a crowd pleaser. They should be encouraging it. Not good P.R.
  3. hawkce541

    Sweet Video

    all the vids on that page are good. some bad as hell. there's a site called mxrush.com that has some kick ass vids, but it's a french site
  4. hawkce541

    gray wire awitch mode

    I work on airplanes so I had a friend make an water tight aluminum box and put a switch in it just for that. It works great, and mounts to the left rear down tube. You can hardly tell it's there.
  5. hawkce541


    you should have chased him down to roost him. If he wants to love Mother Earth so much, he can eat her too.
  6. hawkce541

    250 or 450?? (advice needed on re-occurring question)

    I have been riding a friends CRF450, and it makes me nervous. I just bought a WR450 last Fri. and rode it on a 2mile track on Sat. Man talk about a Cadillac. It's smooth with enough power, which you can tweak to run like a YZ, and you think about turning and you're around the corner. I love it.
  7. hawkce541

    2005 WR450 price....crap

    I bought one last friday from Abernathy motor sports for 6050 otd. They sell thier dirt bikes at about $20 over list. They could probably ship you one still in the crate. All you would have to do is put on the front tire and handle bars. http://www.abernathyonline.com/