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  1. Mine does this also. My theory is that when the battery is not fully charged, it does not spin the starter fast and strong enough to spin the flywheel. And it slips. My cure for this is....I always kick start when cold. Reasons: The battery doesn't take long to start losing it's charge. When it's cold (or when you first unload your bike) you usually have a stable surface to kick it over anyway. I take advantage of this rather than burning up the battery trying to e-start the bike. After you've been riding a while and you are in the trails, your battery has been fully recharged and this is when the starter works best. After all, you only really need the magic button when in a tight situation. Probably not the best or correct solution as you would expect that it should start perfectly everytime. But since i started doing this, I have never heard that sound again. Maybe someday i will have to replace the battery or the starter but for now everything seems honky dory.
  2. Hey people, Just thought I would introduce myself. I've been riding sportbikes for about 5 years now, did the track thing and loved it. Being an avid outdoorsman I figured I would jump into the dirt game. I just recently sold my '03 Honda 600RR and purchased a low km '04 WR450F. I spent one weekend on this thing and loved it. I have to say it has revived my love of riding...i guess every new toy will do that for a while. Anyway on my last ride of the first weekend with this thing the typical things happened. After doing the first oil change, i overfilled. I blew the decompression plug out! Scared the crap out of me. Thought i blew the engine. Then i noticed the "glowing red exhaust". That scared the crap out of me too. I thought i bought a lemon !! But thankfully i did a few searches on TT and now i can sleep at night again. Just wanted to thank everybody for all the helpful advice and hope to be able to contribute with my own experiences soon. Derek.