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  1. This post is further down the line... I’ll dig into it in the AM but any other ideas appreciated.
  2. My 10 year old managed to knock over my 250x and somehow the kill switch got knocked loose. The bike will not stop by hitting the kill switch now. I verified that the tab is hitting the bars when it is depressed but no go. Any ideas??
  3. Nope. You can see it the pic.
  4. Yep. Nice and tight. Gas is flowing through the tube from the float bowl...
  5. Hello all: I recently picked up a 2006 CRF150F for my son for Christmas. The float valve did not want to close for some reason so I pulled apart the carb and gave it a good cleaning and checked the float level and put it back on and same thing...open the petcock and fuel flows from the gas tank to float bowl straight out the overflow tube. I thought maybe the valve was worn or the float had issues so I ordered a brand new set and still the problem exists. Any pointers would be very helpful. The new float is currently set to factory level. Also, I'm not real familiar with the CRF150F but it appears the carb was modded to bypass the air cut valve. Is this a common mod? I've attached a pic of the carb and it appears some of the hoses are in the wrong ports? Thanks in advance!
  6. Looks like my backyard...
  7. I think that this alarming addiction is even in the bike's name: D ependent R e-modification Z "oom" - itis Damn....
  8. Been riding since I was 12. Started out on a KDX 80...air cooled 2 smoke....rode the f*&k out of it. I plan on getting my kids into dirtbikin' as soon as they're old enough to understand that a twist of the wrist makes it goooooooo!
  9. Gotta baby on the way...too much to lose....
  10. Done the 3x3 and re-jetted...made a huge difference. I think big-bore is next. I've had it for about a 9 months now and I'm addicted...
  11. The trail is by no means a walk in the park. The pics are from the first 2 miles and it hadn't gotten technical yet. They don't call 'em the Rocky Mountains for nothing. It's like ridin' an endless whoop section there are so many damn (big) rocks. I can't ever sit down....just hammer on it and get my ass on the rear fender and let it skip over the top....whoohoo!!
  12. I guess my great riding skills help me keep it on two wheels even with the "Death Wings". The way I look at it...I'm NOT taking 80 ft. triples anymore. This thing is a breeze to ride...
  13. After racing moto-x for many years (KX's), and after plenty of hyper-extensions, broken/re-broken wrists, and severe concussions...not to mention that fact that I'm 28 years old and my first lil' one is on the way, I decided to hang up holeshots and go for a dual-sport...so I bought an '06 S. I love this damn bike! Being a native of Colorado and living in the mountains there are plenty of places to ride....BUT....I always had to load up the bike. Not any more! I took these pictures today as I literally rode 4.7 miles from my driveway down the road and the San Juan National Forest is in my back yard. I guess I'm lucky... This is Lemon Lake for those of you familiar with the area...about 15 miles from Durango. I love the fact that I can just hop on, try to obey the speed limit for 5 miles, and be offroad to give her hell. Did I mention that I love this damn bike!? http://www.skywerx.com/jd6strings/DRZ/pic1.jpg http://www.skywerx.com/jd6strings/DRZ/pic2.jpg http://www.skywerx.com/jd6strings/DRZ/pic3.jpg http://www.skywerx.com/jd6strings/DRZ/pic4.jpg http://www.skywerx.com/jd6strings/DRZ/pic5.jpg http://www.skywerx.com/jd6strings/DRZ/pic6.jpg http://www.skywerx.com/jd6strings/DRZ/pic7.jpg Oh yeah...and those are still the "Death Wings"...
  14. I didn't know that beer made you hallucinate...Locking up up his rear brake as he slides into the second corner berm of the last lap of a moto... That's hilarious!
  15. Sounds too easy....maybe yours is defective???