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  1. myersb

    XR650L: Shorai Battery Relocation

    Lax30 cool.....thanks!! Just bought one.
  2. myersb

    XR650L: Shorai Battery Relocation

    Does anyone have any ideas or locations to buy the fuse box cover?
  3. myersb

    XR650L: Shorai Battery Relocation

    I know this is an old thread, but my battery finally died and I figured it was time for this upgrade. In doing so I ran into a little problem. The fuse cover......which is now discontinued. Any ideas on ways to deal up the fuse holder or does anyone know where I could purchase a cover?
  4. myersb

    Fork spring sag spacer

    Thanks Brianhare!
  5. myersb

    Fork spring sag spacer

    This may be a dumb question. I just purchased new heavier springs from Race Tech. The springs came with a pvc spacer. Where does this go? On the top of the spring or bottom. I've read that they are to take up the sag space. But can someone explain how I should do it?
  6. Mine is fine ever since I replaced the CDI. I'm sure that is what's wrong with yours. If not it doesn't hurt to have a spare.
  7. Trail Blaster, my situation this time was when it was warm. Is yours only at cold start? My other XR would do the notorious backfire when cold, hot and no pattern when it would do it. If your CDI is of age, I'd buy a new one. That way if it's not you have a spare. Let me know what you do.
  8. Yeah....that's what I'm planning on trying. Thanks!
  9. In all fairness of the CDI, the original was left in its location without the rubber insulator around it. I worked on this bike a year ago for a friend and it had the notorious backfire when trying to start it. I told him to replace the CDI. He did but never told me he didn't use the insulator because it had ripped. Now a year later and a new owner this was one of the first things I noticed. I installed the insulator....but I guess it was too late. I kept the CDI in hopes of repairing it as a spare. To I'd see maybe what part of the circuit that was broke.
  10. Ok,here is what I found. The bike had two problems. 1. It would not start when it was hot. 2. Would not idle. Constantly idling high then low. First I changed out the pulse generator. The original had a resistance of 535ohms. The new one was 460ohms. Once this was changed the bike would start hot, but now a new problem showed up with the bike shutting off intermittently and no pattern. It would easily restart. The problem with the idling was still an issue. So next I changed the CDI. All I can say is it's finally fixed. No problems with shutting off or idling. Hope this is of some help cause most of the threads I was finding no one would follow up. One other thing I'd like to note is the air fuel screw. Screw the screw clockwise or in will lean the bike out. Screw the screw counterclockwise or out makes the bike rich.
  11. Thanks Brian. I'm still at a loss with the idling. When I adjust the idling when the bike is hot it will be fine. Then the next day when the bike is cold It will not idle. So then if I adjust the idling when cold it is extremely high when the engine warms up. Could this be a too lean or too rich mixture? The plug looks fine. Could it be a carb issue?
  12. Scott, that is the way I shut my bike off. I've tried both ways thinking the bike is too lean. With its idling all over the place I was wondering if it's too lean. Looking here at TT I'm reading mixed ways in adjusting the air/fuel screw. I was taught that turning the mixture screw in leans it out. Also turning it out riches the mixture. Is this correct?
  13. Ok, here's a follow up. The original pulse generator measured 535ohms. The new one is 460. Replaced the PG , seems to start ok but odor got to mention my other issue. The idling seems to be all over the place. I've pulled the carb apart several times never really finding any problems. One time it will run ok, the next time it will idol high. Not sure where to start on this issue.
  14. Brian, how did you test the pulse generator?
  15. It was doing it before I did the mods. I forgot to mention I removed the stock muffler and installed a Q4 muffler. The bike had issues a year ago when it would backfire when trying to start. I replaced the CDI and haven't had a problem till now.