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  1. 300lbsgorilla

    2008 505 xcf not starting - stumped

    Ok got all the valves in spec. The bike wants to start. You can hear it hit. The pipe gets pretty warm so it is burning fuel. Leak tester is on its way. Anything else to try before it gets here?
  2. I need to get the valve clearance in spec. It is way too loose. I can't get the intake valve shims off the valve top. One will spin freely and raise just a tad but just will not come off. The other will not move at all. It is completely stuck in place. The exhaust ones came out easily with a magnet. No problems with them. Any ideas how to get them off without removing the head and using a valve spring compressor? I really don't want to remove the head just to shim the valves.
  3. 300lbsgorilla

    2008 505 xcf not starting - stumped

    Lesson learned, never rely on anyone else's measurements when troubleshooting. The valve clearance is HUUUUUGE! like 0.4+ mm on exhaust and 0.2+ mm intake. I was starting to wonder if I picked up the metric feelers or the SAE ones as I kept feeding larger and larger ones in. I don't know if this is the underlying issue but it certainly can't be helping. From now on no one else in my shop. I could have wasted 3 days because someone doesn't know how to use feeler gauges.
  4. 300lbsgorilla

    2008 505 xcf not starting - stumped

    Good thought. But decomp moves free. Checked when I checked cam timing. In my 450 the pin was worn so it would not engage severely bogging it. The starter and engine spins up like it should.
  5. Ok guys here is one I am having problems with. My friend picked up a really sweet looking 2008 505 xcf that has had some really nice work done to it. The previous owner put some money in this thing. He said it ran good and one day he shut it off on the trail and it wouldn't start again. Apparently this was not very long after a complete top to bottom rebuild just because he "felt it was time for one." Then he took it home stuck it in the garage for over a year and just wanted to get out of riding at this point. My friend bought it pretty cheap with a bunch of extra stuff he no longer wanted that went with riding. The bike ended up in my workshop because I am basically the mechanic of the bunch, and more importantly have a workshop in my back yard. I have a perfect running 2009 505 xcf so I have something to directly compare to and have a knowledge of these machines. Here are the things that I looked at and I still cant get it running: I cleaned the carb used fresh 91 octane no ethanol gas (91 is the best pump gas at our elevation) and made sure the jetting was correct for the bike, setup and elevation. The pilot was plugged no surprise, and the fuel screw was in all the way (not sure why that would be as it has the right sized pilot). Fixing those didn't help. float height is set to spec. It has and R&D bowl on it. Air filter is clean. Of course the battery is good and charged completely the stator, pulse generator, and coil all are in spec for resistance and match my 2009. It has strong spark all the way to the plug I measured the fly wheel and the bump for the pulse generator was shorter than on my 2009 and the heavy trail tech flywheel I had laying around by 1/2 mm. I put the flywheel I knew worked on 2009 just in case it needed to be closer to the pulse coil for better pick up. No help. I will eventually put the heavy flywheel on it because mine rides SO MUCH BETTER with some weight on the flywheel. I don't shear of knobs with every ride like before. The cams are timed correctly verified with the right ktm tool. I don't have a leak down tester that I can fit into the hard to reach spark plug hole. I know this maybe an issue but until I can find one to use I will have to look for other things to test. It is clearly pumping a lot of air so if it is leaking it is not due to a huge hole or anything. When on the starter it clearly tries to start. You can hear it hit but not catch and run. Okay Guru's what am I missing? And before I get the standard canned answer, yes I searched.
  6. So I rebuilt the carb with new seals and everything in it looks good inside. I still have the problem. The only real explanation is I have an air leak either in the carb on in the intake boot but I can't find it. The only way I know how to find leaks is to have it running and then spray carb cleaner at different spot and listen for a change in running sound. I did this all over the intake and the carb and can't find a leak. Is there a better way or is there an internal leak somewhere in the carb I missed? I ran it quickly the other day down the street eventhough I couldn't sort the idle and it ran really well so I don't think it is something very major. any more suggestions?
  7. and another issue is I can't get to the air jets. The NOS adapter is pressed on and I can't get it back off. the air jets are under that. humm, well let me see what I can do. Thanks again for the help. edit: I checked I can still get the air jet out. Thanks
  8. I was just looking at Rocky mountain ATV at the OEM parts page for a 2005 YFZ450 and it has all the same parts on it. I had a WR in the past but honestly don't remember too much about what the carb looked like. I have a 2005 YFZ450 and the carb looks identical. I have read a lot of post about putting this carb on a LTZ/KFX and I never came across anyone talking about an ACV valve. I will dig into it some more. Thank you for the info.
  9. Krannie, Thanks for the suggestions. I took it out again and opened it up. All the passages were clear. the hot start looked fine as well. However, the seal between the slide and the face toward the head was totally screwed up. it was swollen way up and basically fell out. in addition the diaphragm on the left side, the coat enricher I think, was totally shot. the rubber was cracked and the center all corroded. I didn't think to look as these before. Hopefully they will fix the issue. I think the guy before me must have run e85 through it to cause rubber damage like this. The AP pump diaphragm looked fine but I am going to replace it anyway. I hope the body seals are ok because it looks like a pain to replace all of those. Oh well guess it it what I get for ebay.
  10. I just recently acquired a 2004 KFX400. It had a lot of goodies but no FCR. I bought one on ebay and did the change over. I can't get it to idle correctly. I used to own a DRZ400e so I am familiar with the motor. Setup: FCR from a YFZ450. Has a NOS velocity stack adapter already installed. 400EX intake and a UNI pod. Has a full system Yohsimura exhaust stage 2 hot CAMs and a non-vacuum petcock, what appears to be a single layer base gasket, and an extended fuel screw and quickshot 3 adjustable leak jet. . I am at 4200 feet and it is 40 deg F. The bike ran good with the stock, jetted carb, and intake but was clearly not getting enough air as it would run good down low but would choke on top. It is acting like a lean hanging idle but I can't seem to get rid of it. Right now I have a 50 pilot jet in it and 3 1/2 turns on the screw and it still either idles high or stalls. I started at a 45 jet and also a 48 jet and it didn't seem to make any difference as I went up as I would expect. 50 seems big already for my elevation. I don't have a bigger jet to try at the moment. I checked all the intake passages and couldn't find a leak. I made sure all the passages were clean and open before the carb install so I don't think anything would be blocked but you never know I guess with an older carb. Ideas? Just a bigger pilot jet or am I missing something else? The rest is a EMP needle third slot from the top with a 168 MJ. I haven't really got a chance to try it yet as I can't sort the idle even well enough to feel comfortable taking out. If you have suggestions on the rest of the jetting I would love to hear it. I have an EMN needle as well. I typically ride 4000-6000 ft with an occasional trip to 8000 or more from the 4200 base. Thanks for any input you can offer.
  11. 300lbsgorilla

    09 450 xcf radiator fan?

    I used this in my 2009 SXF 450 (same thing only a 4 speed tranny) http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/de92ffhisp.html was cheap and effective. Best of all it was low enough power that the stater would keep the battery charged even while running the fan. Hooked it to the battery with a fuse and switch on the bars. I know a lot of people will think this is crap but I have been using high volume computer fans for a long time. They work and cheap to replace if needed. Actually never had one fail even after a friend pressure washed one. if you want more fan you need an aftermarket high output stater. For the low price I would say try this first and see if it meets your needs before spending loads on money on a KTM model and a trail tech stater. If it doesn't work you are only out a few bucks.
  12. 300lbsgorilla

    Jetting the 450 XCF

    I have a 2009 505 xcf, pretty much same bike just a factory big bore kit. it runs hot. always runs hot. doesn't help I either run desert heat or tight high altitude woods. Mine is jetted great using JD jet kit but that doesnt help a whole lot. i have oversized rads, high volume water pump, and a fan and it will still run hot in the tight woods hill climbs. and adjustable AP jet works wonders for me in terms of power delivery. i find it runs a tad cooler if you unplug the adjustable map plug. backs the timing off a tad so you dont have quite the hard hit but better in anything tight anyway. I put a handle bar switch on so i can change it on the fly. i also had a 2009 450sxf. ran even hotter but i found in the long tight hill climbs i was using the clutch a lot because of the 4 speed. that would boil it in not time on a 90 deg day in the woods.
  13. Ask 10 people on this forum get 12 different responses. Everyone has good stories about every oil and other will have bad stories about the same oil. Run what you want and change it often. Since you have an 08 I would recommend upgrading the oil pumps to the 2009 or later parts. There have been some reports of the 2008 and before pumps cracking and failing.
  14. unless you have a high output aftermarket stator on it you can forget running lights. I put a racetech on my 505 XCF. Very nice addition but expensive.
  15. First thing I would do is take out and clean the pilot jet. They do a great job a collecting any crap in the fuel and clogging. Easy free thing to check.