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  1. 951 Minis

    interchange ?

    I am partial to the Pitster Pro's. They have a lot of mods available for hop ups to the motors. Check out tboltusa to see the options available.
  2. 951 Minis

    Lake Elsinore Sat 28th

    Everyone I have seen usually pits either just inside or just outside the fast 50 track. Just drive toward the track and I am sure you will see people there. See you at the track! Again, sorry for the eroneous info on the podium races. I thought there was one more week before the break.
  3. 951 Minis

    Lake Elsinore Sat 28th

    Sorry everyone. Scott was right. I was off by a week...
  4. 951 Minis

    Lake Elsinore Sat 28th

    Podium Productions is running their Aftermath Series on Sunday the 29th and LEMP usually closes the track to be raced on (pro 50 track) about noon the day before to prep the track for the races (you can thank my son for this reminder as we were talking about it this evening). Has anyone checked this out before we all go down to find out the pro 50 track will be closed early? Might be worth a call. Later
  5. 951 Minis

    LEMP Chaos

    Heywood, Sorry to hear your son got hurt. My son got hurt on that track as well a few months back during his second time riding his Pitster. A kid on a 65 felt the need to practice his hard block pass on a group of 3 smaller bikes and they all went down with my son being the one on the bottom of the pile. The track is starting to lose it's appeal with the flaggers still in junior high or high school and enjoying the lawn chairs waty too much. I hope he is not too discouraged. Hope to see you at the tracks again soon.
  6. 951 Minis

    Pitster stroker 145 cc

    WOW!!! This is definately going to be a big seller! Just let us dealers know when these will be available for sale to the public. I have got to git me one of deez!! Great job to everyone involved! The dedication to the product is the main reason these are doing so well. Keep it up!