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  1. smokers4ever

    where does this belong?

    yes pin in end of shift drum. behind the sensor below sprocket should be that pin and a spring
  2. smokers4ever

    2001 rear wheel on 2010?

    rear wont fit, the 10 has a larger axle, the front i believe will work if you use the spacers from the 10 on the 01 wheel
  3. smokers4ever

    IMS 2.5Gallon Tank

    you have to trim your side panels under the seat but they supply directions and a template for it. Fitment is good, everthing lines up with no problems . feels great, cant tell its there , If you need a bigger tank go for it
  4. smokers4ever

    Can a 2010 yz250f exhaust fit on a 2009 yz250f?

    yes will fit, part numbers are different becasue one of the cans is longer ( cant remember which but will fit)
  5. smokers4ever

    Electric start 2010 yz250f

    Tank dont feel any bigger that normal. the stock had plenty of room between frame rails and the ims seems to use that room and fit very snug in frame , you have to trim shrouds also up near the tank . but Cant feel the difference between the tanks
  6. smokers4ever

    Electric start 2010 yz250f

    Got to ride the bike last week end. 8mi loop of single track, mostly slick tight trails with a couple of open fields. Bike was near perfect. Everything went great no suprizes, nothing broke or came loose. Just a awsome yz250f with that magic button. Pulled the seat after a couple of laps to check battery and cdi , everything good. First time ive had a 18in wheel and wow what traction ive been missing. New Pirrelli xc seemed to wrap around the ground and grip everything. Bottom end is great, seemed to sign off real early though and didnt know if i had something off or just the nature of wr ignition to not rev as high as the standard yz250f. Was on the stock 10 yz250f jetting that day and have since started coming down on the main jet. With just a few very short rides around the subdivision i think leaning out the bigger bore is going to make the differnce in gaining the top end back. will get some more time on it this weekend with different jetting .
  7. smokers4ever

    Electric start 2010 yz250f

    Got her done and ready to ride. Hope the whether holds up, hate to break it in in the mud. Final list of the build is brand new 2010 yz250f roller, new 09 wr250f bottom end with starter ,Wr250 harness with all unnessasary wires removed , neutral switch removed and replaced with drd billet cover, lights, odometer and wires completly removed, bullst safety switches removed. Only one on/off switch and start button .Cylinder works 269cc cylinder, 10 yz250f head with hot cams stg 1 intake, stg2 ex, DRD full system DRD hr meter, Antigravity lightweight battery, Ims tank, Gpr dampner, works connection perch,and skid plate , Renthal twinwalls with cycra handguards, . Rear wheel replaced with 18in excell and black Rad mgf hub, Stock front wheel stripped and hub powder coated black and reassembled . Suspension reworked by MX tech. Cant wait to ride tomarrow .
  8. smokers4ever

    Electric start 2010 yz250f

    Got the wheels finished up, Traded the stock rear out for Rad mgf black hub and 18in rim , pulled the front apart to have hub powder coated black and got it reassembled . New works connection skid plate mounted. Suspension should be back by the weekend, then can start the test and tune .
  9. smokers4ever

    Electric start 2010 yz250f

    I do work with Edgar
  10. smokers4ever

    help me id this 00+ front end so i can buy wheel bearings

    yea the forks are 05-07 yz450f or 05-06 yz250f , from looks, it dont have the updated brake caliper
  11. smokers4ever

    Electric start 2010 yz250f

    Its a works connection Elite perch, Theres only the clutch and then the hot start lever on the back side, i think you guys are just seeing the black dust cover and thinking it is a lever
  12. smokers4ever

    Electric start 2010 yz250f

    button on the right is start button, switch on the left is on/off switch, applies juice to the cdi to run and works as kill to shut it off. lever on back of clutch perch is just standt and hot start.
  13. smokers4ever

    Electric start 2010 yz250f

    yes did wrap it all, in last post there is a pic comparing my new harness with the stock one, Got the harness back on the bike today. With stock tank i had plenty of room for the wire hareness running up the left frame rail but with a oversize IMS tank it realy got tight , i had to heat the tank and make a little room for the wires. bike coming along now, I think i got everthing done that required for the WR bottom end conversion, Now just Putting it all back together and bolting on the goodies, Got the bars set up, stabilizer on, works connection perch, and handguards and hr meter
  14. smokers4ever

    Electric start 2010 yz250f

    Well got the harness trimed down and shortend. Removed the factory kill button, and use only a on off switch , replaced neutral switch with drd pug and remove that wire completly , removed all odometer , all of lights, removed so many saftey wires from the cdi i was able to put all the wire in two plugs instead of three. Mounted regulator to the cdi plate, and starter relay in small pocket in front of tank between radiators. few pics of wire on bike before i got them wraped, bike should be runable now , just time to start installing the woods goodies, RELAY stock harness new harness
  15. smokers4ever

    18" wheel to fit 09 yzf

    none of the wr models use the new hub yet , far as i know there is nothing 18in from the factory that will fit the new bigger axles. Only choice is to relace the 09 hub