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  1. derek1002

    need help to pick a new bike

    hey guys thanx but i mean to say wut is the best 125 out there and if u think i could ride a 250 f which one should i get????
  2. hey guys and girls i need some help i am 13 going to be 14 in less than a month and weigh around 107 and next summer i will probly be getting a new bike if i can come up with some money i either want the fastest and allaround best 125 out there or get a 250f and right now i am ridin a o2 yz 85
  3. derek1002

    Cross Country Trail Ride

    That was a sweet vid i wish I could do sumthin like that:smirk:
  4. derek1002

    My Friend Derek Jumpin

    why can u not jump???????
  5. derek1002

    My Friend Derek Jumpin

    dude that is sweet!!!!!!!!!!
  6. derek1002


    danm those are some kick ass wheelies