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    Heart of a motocrosser with a wr

    Thank you for all your help. As far as me getting a wr250f is because i didnt know what i wanted i was fairly new to biking and all my friends are off road so thats all i really knew. However when i got my bike I built a track and thats all i every want to do is ride track. So I am at a crossroads, and if your serious ONLY4STROKES I would consider
  2. Hello, I just recently bought a 05 wr250f and while I very happy with the bike for some reason I can't get past that I didnt get a yz250f so I dont no what I should do, I have looked and am working and changing it more into a yz but any advice on how to get over this would help I dont really want to give up the wr
  3. ty for the FAQ link, helps a bunch now i feel like an idiot
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum and pretty new to biking for that matter. I would like some advice on some of the common and some not so common ways of speeding up my bike. I dont really no where to start and I am a little confused. I am thinking about buying a pipe I dont have any budget so dont worry about that I would like to know the best quality stuff also. I would appreciate any and all opinons