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  1. Peteyz250f

    yz250f oil filter

    Thanks, at $18.75 for a stock filter here in Canada its almost cheaper to make the BIKE disposable.
  2. Peteyz250f

    yz250f oil filter

    Brand new to the site and just bought my first bike since 1988. This may may be an old issue to everyone else but I'm still trying to get up to speed so bare with me. I want to change the oil at the recommended intervals. The "problem" is this paper filter that should be re-placed with the oil is expensive. The parts guy at my local shop was out of filters but shows me a re-usable metal filter that goes in a 2002 250f ( mine is an 05). It seems to be the exact same size so I gave it a try. Am I about to ruin my new motor or are others doing the same? Thanks