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  1. just click on the link then ask seller a question. i havent got a response yet
  2. ill do it now and see what he says.
  3. I say we get everyone on here to email him and let him know.
  4. yea well it has 8hp on motor but when i add the octane booster that gives me like 25+ horse power so thats why its so fast. I also run 250 psi in my jengchin tires to get extra speed!!
  5. No i mean Power Band. The part that inside the motor that looks like a rubber band that make all the power...duh lol
  6. You might need to buy a new Power Band. They run pretty cheap nowadays.
  7. Mine is pretty fast. I does like 108mph with like 8hp, but i use octane booster so thats why it so fast.