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  1. LB99

    DT175 woes

    I just scored a '79 DT175 for 50 bux, cool I finally got it to go and it even idled, but now it wont start, backfiring and kicking back, it even broke the kickstarter as well as causing serious bruising to my favorite leg. I found that the plate under the flywheel was loose, so that threw ignition the timing, but no matter where I set the timing, I cant get the marks on the flywheel to line up with the ones on the case. Also I have two flywheels, and two stator? plates and they are all different, for example, the pulser coil on one is in a differnt place, and if you line up the keyways on the flywheels the timing marks are different, has anyone got any tips? Can anyone fix me up with a new kick starter?
  2. LB99

    Z50 idle4 probs

    all I need is a set of standard rings, but it seems that I can only get a piston kit locally.
  3. LB99

    Z50 idle4 probs

    I pulled the top end apart, this motor is still nice and tight, but the comression rings are smashed to bits. I am quite pleased, because now I know what's wrong. The bore, piston, and oil ring are still sweet, so it must of only just happened. Parts are are difficult to get hold of locally, Honda dont really want to know. Can anyone suggest a reliable supplier on the net?
  4. LB99

    Z50 idle4 probs

    compression seems ok, you can push start it in 3rd, but in second it locks up on the grass, it was going alright, with hardly any smoke. Vents seem to be clear.
  5. LB99

    Z50 idle4 probs

    That was my first thought, but I have checked several times by spraying wd40 over the joins and no difference there. If the valve clearance was wrong, would this effect it?
  6. I have a Z50j which is causing be some problems, It wont idle, or when it does, the idle will be fine and then it will rise dramatically, and then level off, the only way to get it to settle down again is to wind out the idle screw untill it slows, but eventually it will die and be hard to start again, it also misfires regularly when running constantly, I have replaced the plug and set the carb up as per the manual, cleaned the jets and airways, set the valve clearances to 0.05mm as per specs, and checked the ignition timing wilth the strobe light, it is spot on. This is driving me can anyone else help?