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  1. mrcycles.com is my go to...easy to use site, and if you need parts other than OEM, they got 'em too.
  2. Phatjonny

    Which Shorai?

    DITTO, works great...
  3. Phatjonny

    Google Earth Placemarks to GPX ughhhh!

    Not sure if this will work for you...but check out GPS Babel. I exclusively use tracks, not routes...but it seems to work for me. I draw routes in Google Earth, use GPS Babel to convert them to gpx format and import them to Roadtrip (I'm a MAC user) then clean them up if I need and send the track to my GPS. http://www.gpsbabel.org/
  4. Phatjonny

    engine builder in central/southern cali

    Jett Tuning in Camarillo (just south of Ventura) is great. John the owner does all of the engine work himself, used to work for American Honda and has been a crew chief for winning road race teams. Lots of knowledge, great work and a super nice guy. You won't be dissapointed! http://www.jetttuning.com/
  5. Phatjonny

    Steering stabilizer or suspension upgrades??

    I vote for suspension first. I got a stabilizer first. About two years later, I had my suspension done. Definitely wish I would have done the suspension first.
  6. Phatjonny

    09 450x Buildup

    BulletProof Designs Swingarm Guard http://bulletproofdesigns.com/CRFSwingArm.htm
  7. Phatjonny

    Shorai battery

    I've had one for a few months now...been through Baja with it, and a few other rides. So far, no complaints. Ordered from Shorai directly.
  8. Phatjonny


    Pro Moto Billet makes a nice one...haven't tried it myself though. I too am thinking about getting one for the same kinda purpose. Hopefully this will drum up some more options.
  9. Phatjonny

    radiator guards

    I've had the Moose, Flatlands, and now I have Bulletproof Designs on the bike. Moose were ok...lasted a while, but eventually with enough crashes, they get bent up. Flatlands (which seem very similar in terms of build to the Unibikers) only lasted one ride. Clipped a Joshua Tree and they did little to protect the radiator. Had to send the radiator off to get fixed. Guard was beat to crap.... so the Flatlands came off... Went with the Bulletproof Designs. They are SOLID!!! Machined out of Billet Aluminum. Mohard wasn't around (or at least I didn't know about them) when I bought the Bulletproof Design guards, but they seem very similar to me in terms of build quality. Bulletproof Designs even gives their guards a Lifetime Warranty, break 'em or bend 'em and get a new set for free; not many other companies stand beside their work like they do. They are a bit of $$$, but I figure they are the last guards I will have to buy for the bike...so they are worth it to me. My .02
  10. Phatjonny

    Congress Letter to USFS

    DITTO. Big thanks to Mr Gallegly.
  11. Phatjonny

    My journey has brought me back home...to Honda

    While the manual does call for the above specified amount, it's best to run a FULL QUART in the transmission.
  12. Phatjonny

    My journey has brought me back home...to Honda

    RE-JET if it hasn't been done yet. Seriously, it makes the 450x a whole different animal. There is a jetting thread somewhere, just do a search. I run a 165 main, 45 Pilot, and a NCVS needle (Honda needle from an older 450r). I run Engine Ice for coolant, with a little Water Wetter. Oil, I'm loyal to Red Line Synthetic, 10w40 Engine side, and their Shockproof Oil (80w or 85w, I can't remember) for the Transmission side It's awesome oil...though a bit spendy. Change out the stock front tire, it's crap. Everything else is add as you go as far as I'm concerned...depending on riding style and personal preference.
  13. Phatjonny

    Current Mojave Dove Springs Riding conditions?

    That about sums it up.... Rode Cal City to R'berg yesterday. No dust, and lots of traction. Perfect.
  14. Phatjonny

    Battery Tenders??

    I have "El Cheapo" Harbor Freight charger. I think I got it for $5 on sale. I actually rarely use it. I still have the original stock battery, and only use the charger if the battery dies. Usually, a couple of days before a ride, I go start the bike up. If it's dead, I use the charger. Otherwise, I never use it... no need.
  15. Phatjonny

    summer ride photos

    Was that Pearl?